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Happy belated Holidays, everybody! I apologize that I’m late on greetings. As you can see, I’ve been busy revamping rayhom.com. It is (hopefully) an easy to navigate site of my writing portfolio. I have also scanned the pages, and included online text, of the first issue of Karma Magazine which featured me as their club editor. You can access all six reviews, which includes my reviews of club TEN 15 and Boys Toys, at my mind lust section. I’ve also brought back my fic-asian column from AsianMall.com and gave it its own section here at rayhom.com, which I plan to continue writing as an on-going project. For better or worst, I haven’t gone anywhere, just getting better. I’m eternally grateful that a lot of you folks out there have enjoyed my writings, and offered constructive criticism when I was willing to listen. Now, my next project is finishing up that damn screenplay.

HBO’s The Wire is currently my new television high. Well, actually, I should say DVD, since I’m the impatient type that can’t wait for the next episode next week for the story development arc… esp. if it’s something as well done as The Wire. (Or when one doesn’t have HBO). This series is what the creator calls “a visual novel”. Some have considered it a difficult series… I would actually like to describe it as complex, but not difficult. The beauty of DVD is that you can have subtitles to more understand the name of characters, the dialogue, and the plot…

Luann & Allen Chen were married over a month ago on November 13, 2004. *sniff, sniff* It took me that long to gather all the pics and put ’em at the following banner link. I’ve also included my fumbling of the church reading and, also, the misplaced speech that I did for the wedding banquet. Yes, more ray hom crap for you to read. Check it out:

Most of us when we come-of-age, realize that the world isn’t black and white, nor is it good and evil. There’s a little grey matter in between. But, I do believe, there are things that are just apparently either sexy or unsexy. My personal examples:musical cell tones are not sexy; thongs & panty lines are sexy; people who make excuses to not workout are not sexy; belly rings, round booties, and platform shoes are sexy; the B.O.O.B. and her twin are not sexy (Hi, SinCin!); the asian american eves are sexy; those who brag about gettin’ you on the guestlist (as if they have the power to bomb Iraq) are not sexy; Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, and Tyra Banks are sexy; girls under 21 are not sexy; alcohol in moderation is sexy; people who marry and settle without love are not sexy; people who love hard are sexy; successful ugly people are not sexy; successful good-looking people are sexy; netflix is sexy; special effects movies with bad dialogue and no plot are not sexy; hip hop is sexy; bling bling is not sexy; Sung-Hi Lee, Kaila Yu, and Natasha Yi are sexy; typical Asians are not sexy; intellectuals espousing aphorisms with cigarette in hand are sexy; motherfuckers gettin’ high to distract themselves from life are not sexy; technology & medicine are sexy; traditional ritualism & superstition are not sexy; the written word is sexy; people who don’t read are not sexy; sex is sexy; reality shows are not sexy; reality is sexy…Speaking of sexy, only less than a week before Miss Sing Tao 2004 is picked. Have you folks chosen your favorite girl of the 12 months from the online popularity poll? What?! Why are you procrastinating? And, it’s obvious who you folks should vote for! So, please…

I got a lot of friends because I have respect for women. Ultra respect for women. I like being around females, I’m comfortable. I can get with them on every level. I don’t get like a predator thing going when I’m around demure females, and I’m not uncomfortable around strong women.
– Tupac Shakur

I will be adding more pictures, pictures, and more pictures on the observer section. Here’s a few random ones for you to taste for now:

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run
by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.

– Mark Twain

I’m addicted to the HBO series Six Feet Under. I’ve concluded, for me, that it’s the greatest shit in the history of TV, next to OZ and Nip/Tuck. People whom are familiar with the show, knows that it has a preoccupation with death… in relation to life. But, for me, it’s the characters that got me obssessive with the show. It’s full of peoples that I would like to emulate, like to talk like them, see life like them, and even fuc… uh, well, gettin’ too descriptive here. Don’t want to talk in a way that will make you all cum before the end of this journal entry. I’m just highly recommending it for those hungry for quality written and acted shows.I’ve noticed that the majority of my articles involve Asian American related themes. I am reminded by my colleagues that I write Asian American related themes. I am Asian born of America, I can’t avoid it. I’ve went through my pro-Asian phase, my identity phase, my reconciliation phase. I went through all the phases. I still ask the same questions: Where are the Asian American intellectuals? Where are the Asian American sex symbols? Where are the Asian American martyrs? Maybe it’s too early to ask, may be Asians in America are still young…

I follow any great man whether he’s black or white.
I study ’em and learn it, so that he can’t be great to
me anymore.

– Tupac Shakur

One must pay dearly for immortality.
One has to die several times while still alive.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Stop it! You’re talking crazy!!
– from Ren & Stimpy

I’ve always wondered if life offers signs and symbols to guide us to our choices. I’m not superstitious, and I’m aware that humans are pattern-seeking animals. But, I’ve become aware that the only sign that guides us is time. It’s a “portal” that ultimately diminishes and closes until death. So, we can’t sit idley back and watch it shut hard on us, wondering why we weren’t allowed in… I want to be a good writer, I want to be with someone to love hard for a long time, I want to understand the great minds that made this world… and I don’t want to be afraid of any of these things. I am an athiest, but I’m not a non-believer in the opportunites and the possibilities that life can offer. If there is some kind of meaning that comes in some kind of intelligent form, apparently, there’s a reason that she hasn’t allowed the death of me yet. 2005 is approaching quickly…

The Grey Between Heaven & Hell

Claire: Why do people have to die?
Nate: To make life important.
– from Six Feet Under

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