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I feel more invigorated, and – frankly
– like some kind of minor god.

– Eddie, The Dark Fields

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been spending a majority of my time indulging in rerun episodes- after-episodes-after-episodes of HBO’s hardcore prison drama OZ, on DVD and other unmentionable access to the series. It’s the closest thing to art that imitates the condition of Man, without the necessary facade of heroes. Watching the show is a drug-inducing experience seeking the inner soul of existence to me. Sorry, I’m being a dip-shit with the deep-shit. But I do tend to lose myself believing that Ozwald Penitentary is more of a reality than reality itself. OZ is Inspiring, Redemptive, Anti-Hero shit… we should have more of this stuff in the arts in place of the typical Good Vs. Evil option that is constantly fed to us… And because of my love of the series as my all-time favorite, I will offer “OZ Wisdom” throughout my journal entries. Humour me. I’ve learned alot from the series.


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