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Why Sung Hi Lee?

WHY THIS PICTURE? People have been bombin’ me about why I post this picture up as my main pic on my website. It’s been posted here ever since my site was up. I’ve even mentioned that it was my most favorite pic. They wonder if I’m one of those obsessive Sung Hi Lee freaks who downloads every single pic of her that’s posted on the Net.

me with Sung Hi!

To be honest, I don’t have a single pic of Sung Hi Lee on my hard drive nor do I own any of the Playboy issues that featured her. The pics you see here are the only ones I own of her. I do have the issue of YOLK that featured her but that’s only because I’m a subscriber to the magazine. Therefore, I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard Sung Hi Lee fan. Yet, with great interest, I do monitor her progress of success as an Asian/American image icon.

My impression of Miss Lee, based on what I know of her, is that she’s intelligent, ambitious, and self-determined. I’m pretty sure she’s confident of herself and I’ve never got the feeling that she’s the stuck-up type. When I met her at the Abzolut party (which lasted for probably less than a minute), she was very human. She asked me, “How are you?” Was she sincere? I don’t know her personally to know. At least, she asked. It’s good PR.

Even though, in my opinion, she’s not the finest looking Asian female known to man, she is where and what she is by the mere fact as I mentioned before, ambitious and self-determined. And that’s more than good enough character to satisfy my respect for strong women.

But to get back to the question — Why this pic? Well, a few reasons:

  1. I’m single – If I had a significant other now, I would post her picture (with or without me) on the main page. But that leads to a question, do I want a girl similar to Sung Hi Lee? Of course. Which guy (Asian or not) would not want a good-looking girl who’s independent, ambitious, and self-determined? But realistically, I’m only talking about a woman similar in character and personality… and most intelligent, strong-willed, good-looking girls are not models. Y’all know who you are out there…
  2. I would never post a picture on the main page of only myself. I would be bothered by the fact that it would be conceited and too self-absorbed. I know my website is about my work and interests but a picture of only me frontin’ some dumb macho pose would only to serve a fake ego. I like to write, which is what I want to prove on my site; I’m not a model. A picture of me with a dumb smile and Sung Hi Lee is a little more down to Earth, I believe.
  3. I would never post a picture of me and a group of friends on the main page. With the different group and individual friends that I hang out with, it’s hard to include every one of my friends in one pic. Some of you will blast me with your abusive language about why you aren’t in the picture.
  4. A symbol – My core visitors of my website is mainly the young, Asian/American, which range in age of teens to early 30s. I also fall into that category. The picture will attract the relative visitor of this site. It’s sort of a marketing ploy.

I hope this answers your question and clarifies the fact that I’m not an obsessed fan of Sung Hi Lee. (At the same time, I wish her great success and continue pushing the limits of the Asian/American image.) But this is still my most favorite pic!

ray hom,
May 29, 1999

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