13 Most F*cked Up Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Happy Halloween! Just got back from L.A. over the weekend. As always, it’s best to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to get an idea of what my current stream of conscious is, as I don’t think people read blogs anymore. But, just in time for today’s holiday, read my article on MovieTime.Guru about what are the 13 most […]

Movie Making

Jino Kang’s Hand To Hand: The Art of Combat, which I was a script supervisor for, is currently in post-production. I’m estimating that there should be a trailer available within 2 months. And the film will be released in a theater near you…

The X-Clan

In light of the recent passing of Lumumba Carson (Professor X the Overseer of X-Clan), I’ve take it upon myself to seek X-Clan videos, interviews, and other notable online appearances. Although, there were mounds and mounds of stuff about the group and the Blackwatch Movement, thanks to YouTube.com, it has made it convenient. Some of this stuff is utterly rare, […]