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Ash vs Evil Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

“They shut down Hollywood Blvd because of you savages!”
– Bruce Campbell (a.k.a. Ash Williams )

Last night… we (Bo & April, Lex, Ever, and Elizabeth attended the red carpet premiere of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” on Hollywood Boulevard at the TLC Chinese theater.

Here’s a quick story I wanna tell… a couple of years ago, while at Comic-Con, my great buddy, Bo Campbell, had won a lottery to meet GRRM. Being that he knew it was my dream to meet the writer/creator of the Game of Thrones, Bo gave me his ticket. I have always since been grateful and felt that I owed Bo for making that came true. Back to the “Evil Dead” series. I’m a super big fan. But not as big as Bo is. He’s been on a mission to meet Bruce Campbell (who plays Ash) in the series, and Army of Darkness is his most favorite film. The party last night encouraged costume wearing, and as I know Bo, he had to put on something. So, he got a deer trophy head as a homage to the possessed deer in “Evil Dead 2“. Bo had a moment of hesitation about the idea but I felt it was original. It didn’t fail that fans at the premiere wanted to take pics with Bo (as if he was Mickey Mouse at Disneyland) in his costume and he even scored a TV interview that will prob air on Starz. Which leads to the picture you see below. Right when we got into the screening, Bruce Campbell was introduced on stage, and the first thing he did was point out Bo in the audience and asked,”You sir! What are you suppose to be?” Bo, in total starstruck mode, got up nervously and rambled incoherently. Then he got to do the famous jig with actor Ash from the movie. I was extremely happy that I was attending an Evil Dead premiere with some of my best friends. But seeing Bo in that moment made me even happier. I’m not a believer in karma, that things happen for a reason, or even that the Universe was created for us self-centered species. But we are pattern-seeking animals in random moments, and Life itself can be a performance art. As the saying goes,”Show. Don’t tell.” There is no philosophy I’m selling you here. Just don’t be an asshole. Unless, you can be an ironic asshole. Then I am entertained for you being one. #AshVsEvilDead #AshBash

“You sir! What are you suppose to be?”

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