AVN & CES 2014, Las Vegas (Part 1)

AVN & CES 2014, Las Vegas (Part 1)

I had attended CES, the tech innovation convention, and AVN, the adult entertainment con this past couple of weeks. It was my first time for both events. I had attended CES with Bo (we only went on the last day) and then AVN with Jerry, Rosanna, and Mike & Melainine (don’t think they’ll be going again. Heheh…). Instead of retreading over what I did, and since I’m used to using Instagram, I will highlight stuff from there… I also have other related stuff on my Facebook here.

First stuff are from CES…

…and then saw the Jabbawockeez perform….

…okay, this post has gotten you scrolling to far down. Go here for part two of this post, where I show highlights from AVN here…