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Danny Trejo and His Tacos

Danny Trejo, famous for playing Machete and a whole bunch of other movies, owns a couple of tacorias down in SoCal, simply known as Trejo’s Tacos. Bo and I took a drive down to visit our friend, Clint, in a play with Burt Young. But, during our free time, we were on a hunt to eat those Trejo tacos, and hopefully, get to meet Machete man himself.

First round…

We stopped by the restaurant that’s located in La Brea. Apparently, we had just missed Danny being there, but we tried out the delicious tacos, and messed around with his poster on his wall.


We were a bit disappointed in missing the opportunity to having met the guy, but the next day, we figure we’d try his Hollywood spot. When we arrived, Aaron joined us, but Machete was still not there. They said maybe in an hour or so, he will come in, but no guarantees. We ordered some more tacos and stuff.

About 10 min before we were deciding to leave…

We took some serious pics but this last one, we said make funny faces. That’s Danny’s funny face.

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