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Discussing The Invisible Man (both 1933 & 2020 versions)

It’s that time of year where most things will be horror-related, and for better or worst, lockdown has given us opportunities to spend time discussing this stuff… in a group… online… live! My buddy, Tony Alfaro, runs a local movie group called “Screeners“: It’s like a book club but for movies. We went live last night on Facebook, where we discussed The Invisible Man, both the 1933 version and the latest incarnation that came out earlier in the year (which I watched in theaters with Bo & Lex, and was surprisingly entertained), starring Elisabeth Moss. It was a fun chat where my screen kept on freezing, so I had this look all the time like I was about to lick the screen. Not a big fan of Zoom! (so easy, your grandma can use it! Not being ageist, but like I have an aversion to things overtly user-friendly to a techie guy like me) but it works best for a general audience.

Bo had read the H.G. Wells book before he jumped on the discussion, while I had read up to about 40% of the book on my Kindle by then. I had grabbed a free copy from Project Gutenberg because, you know, most of H.G. Wells is in public domain. The 1933 classic film is definitely the (possibly the only) closest to the plot of the novel.

I’ve been on a kick to revisit the classic Universal Monsters horror series. I have Frankenstein and Dracula novels queued up, and will be watching all the movies, hopefully, by Halloween. #toomuchcontent

You can find the recorded live video here, if you care to take a gander of us rambling like the nerds we are for about 2 1/2 hours on Facebook.

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