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Ray Hom Interview on Justin’s Apartment Podcast

Hi rayhomdotcom-ers (lame… forgive me, I just made that word up): I made a recent appearance as a guest being interviewed on a podcast called “Justin’s Apartment“. They, Justin and Anthony, said it was their “most x-rated episode” (their words, not mines). I had asked prior to starting the podcast if it would be able to say anything uncensored. Justin responded with,”As long as you don’t use racial slurs or deny the Holocaust.” Therefore… what supposedly was to be an hour talking about me being a filmmaker, love of movies and pop culture, and all kinds of random nonsense, but instead, ended up being almost an hour and 40 min of NSFW random nonsense. Literally, there was about an average of a dick joke every 5-minutes. (I can hear Mr. Blue in Reservoir Dogs asking,”How many dicks is that?“) That should entice you more! Enjoy!

Ray Hom Interview on Justin’s Apartment Podcast

You can find the episode on ITunes, episode #7: “Flashlight for RayHomDotCom” (Released Sep 05, 2014) here for free:

parental advisory - explicit lyrics

Their synopsis goes:
“Welcome back to another episode of Justin’s Apartment. WE HAVE ANOTHER GUEST!!! YAY. Ray Hom (@rayhomdotcom) is a multifaceted man with many talents including writer, director, script supervisor, and a nerd of a plethora of things. He stopped by the Apartment to discuss conventions, movies with fantastic dialogue, and obscure sexual terms. You can find him at www.RayHom.com.”

Thanks for listening!
Ray Hom

geeksaywhat: Ray Hom Interview for Justin's Apartment podcast

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