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When Does rayhomdotcom Become One with the Singularity?

ABOVE: A random pic of some robot-looking mannequin in the window of a clothing store in Paris.

I still don’t know who reads my stuff here on rayhomdotcom. Judging by the comments I get selling me cheap cigarettes and knock-off products, my visitors are spam bots deployed from the underground headquarters of Nigeria. So, yes, Skynet begins here. Anywhooz, whatdahell… it’s time to online journalize with another blog post where I apologize for not having posted anything in months. But, then again, why does it matter? I’m not famous or posting #nekkidselfies (which may be a good service to humanity, and the rest of the Interwebs. But, aren’t you a little curious?). No one is watching me (except, maybe the government, according to some people who spend one too many hours on the WWW). At least, not until I complete my mission to become part machine…

Since my last post, I had left for a trip to Europe – Paris, London, and Amsterdam with a few of my bestests friends… and it was glorious. I owe you followers of rayhomdotcom some pics from my trip out there. I have about 1400 pics to go through, which most are blurred and bad angle shot duplicates. *chirp, chirp* Okay, NVM. Y’all don’t care. But, I will share by my next post, which, hopefully, won’t be half-a-year away.

And, I need to edit some footage from WonderCon that I had shot on my smartphone and a rinky dinky $100 Sony camera, which for the most part, works well, as long as there’s not a lot of fast motion going on. But, the shakiness and instability of the video would cause a bit of found-footage-like nausea for the viewers. And, because I’ve been getting good with my own camera skills through Instagram and FB, instead of spending another few hundred bucks on a new rinky dinky camera that I will dispose of every couple of years, I gone hog wild and decided to pick-up the body and bundled lens kit of the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. With the advent of social media accepting higher quality pics/videos, I was beginning to feel the limits of cheaper products allowing me to be creative in how I envision sharing my visual experiences with friends, families, and strangers online. Plus, with the wide spread narcissism of amateur photography that’s so prevalent in social media postings, bad photography and video is like bad grammar structure. Learn the language, please, or the posts comes off illiterate.

I definitely haven’t abandoned the Comic-Con scene, even though I whine and whine after every Con I attend about how tired I am. Social networking has amplified cry babies. And, I’m a participant. I feel sorry for myself. Do you too? =( I’m way too immersed into the #NerdCulture, esp. since I’m an 80s/90s kid. This year, I had already been to Concord Con, the Toy Fair in San Jose where I got to meet Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee, Silicon Valley Comic Con, and WonderCon. And, I’ll be back at SDCC again this coming July. Boy, I super lucked out with that one. I totally did not get in through the online registration process, and accepted my fate, and just decided that I will just do more traveling in the summer. But, “there is no fate, but what we make,” by a luck of karma (I don’t believe in that shit, BTW), Justin got a spot for me (I had gotten him a spot last year), and then #NerdCulture “pulled me back in”. And, also, there’s San Francisco Comic Con coming this Fall!

Recently, I also attended a couple of screenings of filmmaking friends’s films (#FFF) like Derrick’s short film “Dreality”, and, after a few years of blood, sweat, and tears, Matt Abaya’s feature “Vampariah”. Incidentally, “Vampariah” will be screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival this coming April 22, Friday. I won’t be able to attend, but if you’re in the area, go check it out. I will be doing a follow-up interview with Matt on #MEMCast, hopefully, in May. If you haven’t, you can listen to the last podcast Ever and I had done with Matt.

Speaking of L.A., yes, I still hop on down every other month or so, and visit some great friends in SoCal. A lot of the folks I know down there have amazing lives in the film industry, and it’s been a few years since I shot a film. I continue to be inspired to finish another project some day, but I still enjoy being a web developer techie nerd kinda dude. I love the Bay Area. But, until Hollywood offers me a few million$ for me to shoot a project, I’ll fantasize what my Oscars acceptance speech would be like, while currently chillin’ in Silicon Valley. (I do continue to attempt to finish my screenplays during my off times, when non-coding. This does not make a successful filmmaker, I know, I’m stalling.) But, when in SoCal, I’d recommend y’all to check out The Griddle Cafe… Here. Let us at Mind.Erase.Media convince you to pig out on giant pancakes.

And, I also can’t leave the joy that I meet up with a group of tabletop gamers in the East Bay about once a month. I get D&D RPG nostalgia when I’m moving zombie figures on a board, flipping cards that’s telling me I’m time traveling, and rolling a d20 die to see if I lived for another round of imaginary role play… #NerdCulture

It’s mid-April now, and, ergh… I still haven’t figured out how to stop time, tho. (If any time travelers out there have. Message me the specs.) Humans are too busy fighting diseases, earning a living, and still seeking the meaning of it all (psst, I still don’t think there’s any reasoning to our existence, but go ahead, live it the way you wanna live it – just be fair to your fellow ppls. It’s okay. It’ll be fun.) But, instead of finishing a screenplay, yet, maybe I should ditch blogging and write that “great American” epic, scifi novel I’ve been fantasizing about. Maybe I should ditch the word “maybe”. Anymore hesitation on my part, and the AIs currently writing novels are gonna lead a renaissance of literature that answers the meaning of life that doesn’t involve the human race.

My personal/social life is pretty much no one’s business online… I may hint at a the amazing number of people (and animals) I continue to meet on occasion, but I’m not a gossip whore. And, I don’t deserve my own reality show. I find the validation for others to know who my best friends are as a bizarre form of passive/aggressive insecurity. (A lot of you reading this are my best friends. *hugs* But, why?) On the other hand, I’m an optimist about the social networking age. It’s the wild, wild, west, I know. It’s also a transparent form of democracy. Something the Millennials are getting right, I’m assuming. During the mid-2000s, it was a rough start because of privacy issues… but I am living in an age where I can instantly connect with people I know without having to see them all the time. Y’all avatars look better than you do in person, anyways. Just a pic post can speak a thousand words, if you work it right. Living in this fast-paced, ADD world now, making time for family and friends ain’t easy. But, it’s the youngins that’s the most exhaustive to attend to. (Not a complaint. It’s just my fatigued mind speaking.) I don’t have any kids of my own, yet, still… but I got a god daughter who’s six months now. A GodSister who has two kids growing up as fast as I am aging. And, a bunch of nieces in nephews that are teenagers. My aging GenX-er ass gotta keep up with the 13-year-old YouTubers teaching me DIY shit.

Which is why I’ve become comfortable with digitizing my books and films, and everything that’s forthcoming that’s “smart”. Since I’ve been listening to my vast collection of music off a USB memory stick for years now, and all my notes/works/thoughts and stuff is on doxs, or living off my smartphone, I have no permanent home. (I miss my Mickey Mouse turntable.) And, there are prob some unnekkid photos of myself floating up all over the cloud. (Help me spread them, Anonymous. I need the publicity.) Therefore, I continue moving forward with the idea of living a minimalistic life, only to lessen the burden of physical ownership, since I’m constantly moving and traveling. It would be nice if everything I love and own were on a USB memory stick, and I’d plug it into my noggin for instant unnekkid gratification.

I will continue to travel more and see the world. My body (will be ready) eventually become full cyborg in a few hundred years to keep up with the pacing of society. For now, my traveling plans are to be visiting Ireland and Italy with Fatimah, later this year. She’s a lovely woman from London who has recently been a certified spin teacher who’s training a bunch of students (to fight a war against the machines). I don’t have any links but I believe the trend is to #BeFitWithFati. Train with her, if you’re around the U.K.

Or, if you’re in the Bay Area, arm your body in the art of Pilates-Fu by master Jenn Powell at PilatesFun in East Palo Alto. If you follow me on my social networks, she’s the one that constantly mocks my existence. If there is a god, she created me.

Some may be asking, but prob not, as I’m talking to myself here, where I am with my fitness since my Tough Mudder/B.M.U. days. I can bench 175 lbs, my cardio sucks, and I am addicted to whole bags of salami, which causes me to become sloth, yet full. Next steps: re-calibrate the whole of my existence with the Super Better app.

My podcast, #MEMCast, along with my co-host, Everpedia, has surpassed the 25th episode mark, after a year of ramblings with guests about pop culture, techie talk, and dick jokes. The next episode to look for is #MEMCast with the “Geek Say What” crew, mainly with Jason (JPG!), the leader of the nerd pack. Both our podcast shows are like characters from the same cinematic universe who are finally appearing in a collaborative effort. Look out for that (I believe it will be episode 28) in about a week from this posting. Oh, the MechaZombie logo you see for my show is by badass graphic artist Sonam Dhanjal. (I don’t have any links to her work, as I believe her portfolio is offline. But, her drunk texts are as creative as her work. Look out for more posts about her texts, err, graphics work, in the near future.) And, also, listen to Anthony’s Murse Effect. He helps produce, and is the sound editor, for my #MEMCast podcast. His head is shaped like a giant dick.

Anyways, after I had published this post, I had stepped out the door to get my ass onto an airplane to Hong Kong. Partly to scavenge for robot parts. Just kidding. The post-apocalypse hasn’t hit yet. Not yet. Yes, I’m doing a bit of traveling again… anyways, just follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want to know where I’m buying a drone, eventually. If you comment, I will respond like a spam bot oiled up on whiskey shots. Or, Twitter me to invoke the mechanics of my bod a virtual giggle.

Okay. Powering down my laptop now. Powering up my smartphone, and putting on a VR headset. BRB. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, go pick up “Preacher“.

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