Revelcade’s Applause Night 2013

On May 10th, 2013, a local Bay Area filmmaking group, Revelcade Entertainment, showcased my Mind.Erase.Media‘s film work at Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco. The event was titled “”Revelcade Applause Night! 2.0” in reference to it being the 2nd year that the group has put on the film fest. There was a screening of all our mutual greatest hits, including a few films from fellow local filmmakers, which included, Kelly Lou Dennis, Ava Tong, Roczane Enriquez, and Jeff Luzanga a.k.a. Desciple.

I had shown at this event for the first time, and prob my last (for the time being), my 7-min teaser short film “Foreshadow”. It’s been a bit of time since I directed anything, so it was a quick glimpse into my planned “Moderate Intensity” trilogy that will include the world that Sally lives in. I admit, it wasn’t exactly the finished product I wanted to show, but with time constraints, despite some audio glitches, I was satisfied with what I had screened. But, I want to go back to the drawing board and reintegrate the footage into a larger project. You can find a couple of clips from the film in my demo reel:

Fellow M.E.M partner, Bo! Campbell, had also screened a few of his projects including the non-stop appearing in multitude of festivals, awards-winning “Anti-Hero”. The film is currently still going through its festival run and not available online or any medium for purchase. Keep watch this space for when this comedy/drama short will be accessible. Or, just attend a festival showing the film. You can keep updated on when that is by “liking” M.E.M on Facebook.

Revelcade, esp. Jason and Grant, have been showing great support for M.E.M., beginning a great relationship between our mutual filmmaking groups in forthcoming collaborations. If you haven’t yet, follow Mind.Erase.Media and Revelcade Entertainment on Facebook for continuous updates on our mutual film projects. Thanks!