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R.I.P. Jessica “Betti” Cueva (1976-2018)

I had finally gotten around to writing a little memorial for Jessica “Betti” Cueva on the M.E.M site, even though she passed back in Nov 2018. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride dealing with a few unexpected deaths since my mom’s passing last year, which I am still processing. I want to avoid the cliche “life is short” mantra, but, the reality is… it is… actually, accepting that mantra at face value is not as easy as sayin’ it. That being said, yes, life is short, which adds value to what you make of it… live well, people!

Jess was the catalyst for motivating me to have started Mind.Erase.Media, and evolving into film and podcast production company. You can read my thoughts here:

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