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Rose City Comic Con

And, then I experienced Rose City Comic Con in Portland for the first time. Expanding my nerd horizons, it was another fun experience. I’m definitely coming back here! I went with WesFonc and Andres & family.

Picking jp our Rose City Comic Con badges.
Batman cosplayer asking Dominic Cooper (Preacher, Captain America, Mamma Mia!, etc.) during his Rose City Comic Con panel.
Weird Al Yankovic!
…and then I met up with ERIC BRUCE & son, right before Rocket Raccoon elbowed me. #TheEnd
Rose City Comic Con cosplayers… It’s not where’s Waldo, but how many Supermen and Superwomen?!!! And a banana!
WesFonc, watch where you’re flying this piece of junk!!!
Got to meet Kelly Sue Deconnick, creator/writer, and, Valentine De Landro, artist/illustrator, of “Bitch Planet”! A satirical, feminist send-up of exploitation flicks, like the first Robocop (’cause the other ones don’t exist), was how Kelly described it during their panel. I’m lovin’ the series!
Then… I met Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, creators of “Sex Criminals”, the series about a couple who can stop time when they orgasm, and then rob banks. You may have to reread that description.
Thanks to Andres & his family for the hospitality for letting me stay with them, while attending RCCC and visiting the state of Oregon. #funtimes #likefamily

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