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San Diego Comic Con 2017

Just got back from attending San Diego Comic Con for the fifth time. And, these are some of the highlights…

Our first day at Comic Con 2017. Don’t worry, we’re professionals…
Set and costume preview of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Waited since midnight to get into the Game Of Thrones experience. About to enter in a few minutes.
We entered this containment unit for the Alien Covenant experience. Expecting to be scared to death for fun, instead it was a bit weak as they projected spoiler footage of the film, as the room shook. But, they did give us these exclusive set of pins afterwards.
Traffic guards have the power of the Force to clear traffic for the Dark Lord of the Sith – Darth Vader.
If you ever wanted a figure of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Blitzway is releasing one. Not fully poseable (as far as I know).
The beautiful but goofy family I’m staying with in San Diego, while attending #ComicCon2017 – the Herreros!
After the Blade Runner 2049 VR experience, the front theater lifted its wall and transported us to future L.A. #Welcometo2049
It was a yummy, food break during #ComicCon2017 today with these goofballs. #goodfriends #havingfun
Xenomorphs can be cute when the come out to play.
Why are these zombies caged up?!! It’s cruel and inhumane. They’re humans too!
Winner of the best caption, Bo Campbell, for this non-appropriate pic I took at the Con.
Waiting for a screening of Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde”. From one of the creators of “John Wick”!
There’s an exclusive #ComicCon2017 Aliens action figure of director and filmmaker James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, Avatar) from NECA. Add to my wish list.
Not sure what’s goin’ on in this selfie. I was just visiting Eric Ignacio working at the Viz Media booth in front of the Magic The Gathering set-up… Always good to see this guy.
WETA’s Ghost in the Shell geisha robot on display.
The Batmobile from the forthcoming Justice League movie.
Map of Westeros from the Game Of Thrones experience.
Best display model of the Millennium Falcon from Bandai, at the Con last week. $400 (diorama not included). Most accurate replica of the ship from “A New Hope”.
It’s my buddy, Eric Bruce, presenting his course about Batman and health, which he teaches at Western Oregon University. I’ve been bugging him to finish his book, which i look forward to showing me how to be as healthy as Bruce Wayne.
“The Thing” (John Carpenter’s version) is getting a board game this Fall 2017.
A realistic replica of Scarlett Johansson from Ghost in the Shell that wasn’t made from some horny guy in Asia. Created by WETA Workshop.
Kevin Smith is on that boat, but I can only get a glimpse of the back of his head on occasion.
Tiny version of Westeros that even Tyrion Lannister couldn’t fit in.
This mini version of the Wall from GoT wouldn’t stop any wbite walkers. But still looks cool to display in any white walker’s home!
These pics of a highly detailed sixth scale Ecto-1 by Blitzway doesn’t do it justice.
Bratty-looking Living Dead Doll of the clown from “IT”.
Samurai Evil Empire figures. #AsianStarWars
This Ash figure from Evil Dead 2 includes several interchangeable hands for it to chainsaw off. Unrated for fantastical imagination.
This cool “Saga” figure set costed $50. So, I only took a pic of it. #lying
This is the Sideshow Collectibles version of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I want.
Pretty cool Star Wars figure diaroma split scene set-up from Hasbro.
Lionsgate is promoting this 4K transfer of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” with a limited (to 6000) endoskeleton arm replica signed by James Cameron. #iWillBuyIt
Spotted these alien eggs being transported outside in the Gaslamp District.
Random #Cosplay #iThink #UnlessImSeeingThings
Chaotic gathering of the cast from SyFy’s The Expanse.
Got into Hall H for the first time in my SDCC lifetime, and got to see Kevin Smith introduce the Dirk Gently series. Still #ChasingKevinSmith
This Wrench (from #WatchDogs2) cosplayer spotted me wearing the exact same “I Am Deadsec” and we had a little chat about the current state of hackers. Unfortunately, I don’t have video of how cool his mask is displaying various electronic eye symbols.
Kong Skull Island
More Evil Dead figures for your Bruce Campbell decapitating fun.
Flash Point Batman from Arkham Knight. I’m not too familiar with that series but this makes me wish I did.
This latest Lady Deadpool from Sideshow is quite impressive. #IWantIt Sorry, the pic didn’t come out well because the fat guy in the red shirt in the back blended with the figure.
Sideshow Powerloader with Ripley figure from Aliens.
Latest rendition of the T-800 from Sideshow Collectibles. I want it but that gun looks even a little space aged advance even from Skynet.
Ashy Slashy hand puppet from “Ash vs. Evil Dead” that I know Bo Campbell wants to stick his hand up into.
Are you a mutant? You better get tested.
The guys at Space Goat are about to release their Evil Dead 2 board game (which I kickstarted) and they were cool enough to show me a preview of these miniatures for the Terminator game they’ll be releasing end of year.
Comic Con Fail – when I put off buying the “Alien: Covenant” loot box that included a facehugger until the last day.
Comic Con 2017 was done a day ago, but we’re still like… ^

ANNOUNCEMENT: latest Game of Thrones trailer with us starring in the show mid-season 7… Check it out!

I know that’s a lot but you can find a few extra more pics and stuff on my Facebook because the nerd in you just can’t get enough… Thx!

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