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After Thoughts

These people – they laugh, they dance, they drink, they fuck… but they do not hope.
– from 100 Bullets


During our stay in the villa in Costa Rica, as BigMike described it to me, I had a habit of doing nothing but walking straight into our patio, lay lazily on a chair, and do nothing but watch the sun set (and envy the spider monkey’s swinging on trees). I can be simply content.

My fellow peers observe that I am quietly amused with myself at times. (No, not in that way. At least not in public!) As Jim, and a lot of annoyed members of humanity, would like to inquire,”Whutdaphuck, ray? Why you always so quiet? What you thinking about? And why you always smilin’, what you so fucken happy about?”

Well, I’m actually going to break my silence and speak of the 3-legged hamster that runs backwards on the rusty, old wheel in my head. Well… I’d say about 85% of the time, I’m having sexual fantasies, which explains why I’m always smiling. Okay, I got that out of the way. 14.334% of the time, blood is flowing throughout my brain synapses to allow enough power to generate some type of sentience in my hallow human shell.

Now, let’s talk about the final 0.666%…

Theary recently enlightened to me that “people who spend too much time trying to figure out the meaning of life must not be happy people.” I whole-heartedly agree.

[Disclaimer: The following words are not of Theary’s but of my 3-legged hamster.]

The universe is about 14 billion years old (give or take 200 million years). The Earth itself has faced 5 major catastrophes – each annihilating a species of life (including the dinosaurs). How long have modern humans been around? Because of our short time of existence compared to the larger context of the Universe, why are we such egotists to believe that the importance of existence revolves around ourselves?

I’m definitely not a cynic, nor do I imply that I don’t experience sadness and tragedy at times, either. I mean, damn, look how stupid our species can be – check out YouTube and MySpace for emperical evidence – yet our species has persevered. 😉 And maybe… just maybe… it’s because of some of the stupidity that humanity exudes; we entertain ourselves very well. And, it’s all pretty fucken funny! Shit, I laugh at all the stupid things I do every day. What joy it is that I can entertain myself like that!

Now, just leave me be… I must get back to sitting here quietly smiling about… *snore*

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