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Jino Kang’s Hand To Hand: The Art of Combat, which I was a script supervisor for, is currently in post-production. I’m estimating that there should be a trailer available within 2 months. And the film will be released in a theater near you by Fall 2008 sometime. I’ll keep you folks updated. You can read my experience on the set here.

Also, in other film news, I’m currently finishing up the 2nd draft of the screenplay to a short film that I’m hoping to start producing sometimes this coming Spring. It is a psychological horror entitled “Touch”. It will probably go through another draft afterwards, and title will probably change. It just sounds a bit sexually deviant. If it works out, I may even enter into a film festival. And if that works out even further, then I will start on a second film that I’m planning to be be an emotional, erotic drama. Now, that will be sexually deviant.

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