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Clive Barker

He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages;
so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.

– Benjamin Franklin

It's me with Clive Barker!I’ve had the humble pleasure of meeting writer/director/artist Clive Barker in person at Stonestown’s Borders bookstore last Thursday night (11/29/01). Ironic that I’ve only recently praised him in a previous journal entry because of the release of his Tortured Souls figures. It was a surreal experience for me when I approached him being that I’ve been reading his books for over the past decade at nights and not allowing myself to sleep until I am done. It’s good stuff. Nervous, but at the same time not caring of my surroundings, I shook his hand — It was like finally confronting a deity that gave you wisdom and entertainment, and finally having proof all that you experienced from a mere distance is on the same plane of existence. Like a (stereo)typical fan, I praised his books. I told him that Weave World is my favorite and that I am currently re-reading his Books Of Blood short story series for the 3rd time. Than I mustered the courage to ask,”Any advice for a hopeful writer?” Of course, he would give the “be true to your heart” advice at first but then he told me to steer away from short stories and concentrate on novels. I don’t remember his explanation of why but I hope to live up to the advice from “the guy who created Pinhead and the Hellraiser series” someday… To know more about Mr. Barker, check out CliveBarker.com.


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