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S-Factor Is Hard To Get


Let me get in my reminiscing mode… back in 1997, there was this freestyle song entitled “Hard To Get” written and performed by a young 17-year-old known only as S-Factor. Even with the popularity of Angelina and Jossette, I had never went crazy over a dance song like that since the Cover Girls’ “Show Me” album during the late 80s. Because of the beats and the lyrical flow of the voice, the song alone heightened my clubbing experience. Boy, do I become possessed when that shit bumps outta them speakers. To this day, that CD is a must among my collection. I have every mixxed version of that song known to man, and the best (and fastest) version that I personally own is the one mixxed by a DJ at my 25th bday party.

FFWD to mid-October 2002, my friend Laurie calls and interrupts me in a middle of a nap. She tells me she befriended a singing artist named Sharyn Maceren and would I be interested in doing an interview or article with her. Being disoriented by the quick “wake-up call”, I did not recognize the name. I mumbled something about giving this artist my contact number and I quickly hung-up. An hour later, I awoke, and like usual, I jump in front of the computer and connect to the Net to check my email. I opened my browser and decide to do a search on Sharyn. Within seconds I realized who she was — S-Factor! I quickly gave Laurie a ring back and ranted about who she just met — everything you just read in the previous paragraph. My heart was thumping harder as Laurie tells me she had invited Sharyn to my 30th bday party at GE.

(To let you know, S-Factor never showed up to my party. I didn’t expect her to, esp. someone she never met… anyways, she had to perform at Ibiza that night.)

Sharyn Maceren made an appearance at Tower Records this evening… and I dragged Laurie to be a groupie with me. I wasn’t gonna miss this moment. Anticipating eagerly while in line, my friend Jimmy gave me a call (ironic, being that he was the one who told me who the artist was back in ’97 when I was going nuts trying to find out what the song was) at the moment S-Factor… oops, I mean Sharyn, got up and sang a verse from “Hard To Get”. Damn, I must of sounded extremely rude talking on the phone while she sang my favorite song. When we finally arrived being the first in line, I turned to Laurie and said,”This is like being at the top of a roller coaster.” Laurie giggled as Sharyn recognized Laurie and they talked as if like old friends. I just stood with my wide-eyes as S-Factor smiled and said to me,”Oh… you’re the birthday boy…” Boy, did my humble ego blossom… self-indulging journal entry ends now.

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