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The Continued Jojo’s Adventures of Building a Food Empire

If you personally know me, I’ve become great friends with Jojo ever since she started pursuing a food business hocking her Korean fusion food creations in the early years of HRD Coffee Shop in San Francisco, over a decade ago. She had appeared on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and then featured on PBS’s Check Please! She was a former roommate, along with my buddy Gary Lew, where we would have party nights and hilarious discussions about where all our future paths lies.

In recent years, she has been promoting Go Jojo’s Mojo food truck service, and gain fame and notoriety for her two feet OMG burrito, and other creations. Sometimes the food truck can be found at Spark’s Social, sometimes on Treasure Island in the Bay Area, and a lot times catering to Silicon Valley clients.

Through her continued hard work and perseverance, along with her bf Paul, they have recently acquired Roma’s Deli shop, continuing its tradition of serving traditional classic sandwiches for over 40+ years from the previous owners.

Not only that, the bigger news is that Jojo will officially have her own Go Jojo Mojo’s brick & mortar shop in Redwood Shores starting Nov 1st, which will set-off a future advancement of her food creations to hungry people all over the Bay Area and beyond. Don’t worry, Jojo’s food truck will still be in service. She could be driving over in a town near you. Follow the links above to keep up with her whereabouts! Go Jojo Mojo! (cheesy refrain)

In the meantime, I’m trying to convince her to become my roommate again, and have binge drinking nights, as we chat about our future dreams and goals…

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