Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 w/ Terminator Reunion

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019

Over the past weekend, was the fourth Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, which was started as the new Bay Area Con by Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee. It had it’s clunky start in the beginning, as it was (I feel it still is) trying to find it’s footing in balancing between science & nerd culture. Otherwise, this science-loving nerd always find the fun at any Con.

I attended both Saturday and Sunday of the event. On Saturday, I drove down with my buddy Eric Ignacio (who gave me a tour of Viz Media a couple weeks back). I caught my actress friend Jackie Dallas (now famed for her reputation as Mr. Clarke’s gf in Stranger Things) at her indie filmmaking panel, while at the same time, my podcasting buddies, Vincent and Jeremiah, from Keeping It Nerd was presenting at the Podcast Palooza at the Con, which included an interview with the founders of Legion M. You can eventually find their interviews by following them at Jackie has since picked up a new gig on a forthcoming Netflix series. Follow Jackie on Instagram for more upcoming info.

Eric got his T2 laserdisc from Hong Kong signed by Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong (who Eric said was running super late, and arrived with a red bull and coffee in hand). I picked up a couple of the Jollibee Funko, and the Halloween Ultimate Laurie Strode from NECA, which will go nicely next to my Sarah Connor and Ripley figures.

We swung by artist Glen Canlas‘s booth, and I ended up purchasing one of his original artwork. I was on a Keeping It Nerd podcast with him at last year’s SVCC. I will be interviewing Glen soon on a forthcoming #MEMCast podcast episode.

Fuzzy pic of Luke Gygax fumbling to hold up a classic Player’s Handbook edition.

On Sunday, I hung out with the Chens, the parents of my god daughter Verity, who you see as the little girl waving “hi” to R2D2 in my montage video below. I went to a panel where Luke Gygax, son of famous creator of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons, was speaking of growing up with his dad’s fame, and now continuing the D&D legacy.

The highlight of Sunday was attending the Terminator Reunion panel. Arnold wasn’t part of the panel, as he was busy charging $450 at a meet & greet booth area. And, I don’t believe Linda Hamilton does Cons.

The reunion panel consisted of Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Michael Biehn, Jenette Goldstein, Kristanna Loken, and Danny Cooksey. It was trippy watching Edward giving a somewhat entertaining “don’t give a fawk” attitude… he ends a lot of his comments with a “Yeah, man.” and a “I don’t know dude.” And, at one point, called an audience member a “neeerrrrdddddd” who was attempting to ask a timeline paradox question about the Terminator films. Edward did mention he’s rewatching Twin Peaks, which interests him more. Apparently, he hasn’t even watched any of the other Terminator flicks after T2, which got a snarky remark from Kristanna.

Edward, continuing to fascinate me, and said, at one point,”I was supposed to be in the other Terminators but I completely totally fucked that shit up!”

Then, I thought I was seeing things, but I swore I saw him puff a smoke out. Didn’t get it on camera. Then I noticed he had a vape pen in his hand. I guess he was allowed to come on stage with it.

A female audience member eventually said to him,”It’s okay to fuck up. You will always be our first and only John Connor. Welcome back!”

You can find my 4 minute montage video of the Con at the following YouTube post.