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Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl EarringAbout a week ago, I was Netflix-less without a movie to watch over a free weekend. Desperate for choices, I had browsed my recently married buddies Jerry & Rosanna‘s extensive DVD collection… not as comparable to Rob & Doris’s collection, but comparable enough to your local video clerk (who’s struggling against the Blockbuster/Hollywood rental empire by including a curtained porno section). I had borrowed four flicks – 2046, Il Postino, Girl With A Pearl Earring, and Elizabeth (and also the book “Look At My Striped Shirt“) I know, you’re asking,”How the fuck have you not watch these movies?”

Specific on Girl With A Pearl Earring, Rosanna had mentioned how the movie was slow but that she had really loved it. Comments on movies like these tends to be a subtle challenge to me because I am defensive when people assume that all I enjoy watching are cannibal and torture flicks (and my recent admission to loving 60s/70s giant mutant animal flicks too!). For me, there are no slow or boring movies. Only bad ones. I enjoy the company of films more than a lot of people I have met. A lot humans are boring to me, esp. if they lack character. But, I won’t rant about the ignorant masses here, as I am only a humble common man that loves a good movie (or good friends with character).

“Girl With a Pearl Earring” is a quiet movie, shaken from time to time by ripples of emotional turbulence far beneath the surface. It is about things not said, opportunities not taken, potentials not realized, lips unkissed.
Roger Ebert

And, yeah I loved Girl With A Pearl Earring. I had referred to “Becoming Jane” as a quiet movie, because that was a guy’s neutral answer. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good experience with BJ, but the pearl earring girl was a stronger quietness that embolds me with what humans think when they are holding onto their fragile emotional moments. Yes, I can be a sensitive guy, it’s a balance… because most other guys will not watch this movie. But I do not feel I am obligated to defend my masculinity here. ’cause I still watch movies of cannibalism and torture that a lot of so-called “masculine men” would squeal louder than if they watched Girl With A Pearl Earring.

I still have not watched the other 3 movies as of this entry… “How the fuck?” you say. It’s ’cause I believe you have good character.

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