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More Travels and #MEMCasting

Hi. Just taking a brief break again on rayhomdotcom to post, before I run away again. When not web dev-ing or podcasting – more on that in a bit – or bingeing/gaming/reading (see list on right sidebar), I’m just doing a bit of adventuring here and there.

Since I last wrote, some highlights included:

The term #nerd has evolved throughout the Ages. We’re living in a time where “nerd culture” is now sexy and acceptable, and defined by personalities like Chris Hardwick, Jessica Chabot, and April O’Neil… where Silicon Valley spends large amounts of money to buy a old game cartridges, everyone binge watches TV shows to be in the conversation, and if you’re not cosplaying, you’re not cool. But, I think in order to not be a poser, you gotta stay ahead of the hipsters in this game by experience and self-awareness in that experience. I grew up a reserved kid who liked movies and books, but it’s what, I believe, helped me grow in my social skills… and appreciate the value in stuff like art and traveling. The term #nerd is still evolving.

And, so, I’ve been virtually exploring the wastelands of “Mad Max” on the PS4.

Actual screenshot of me jumping over something and then ramming into something,
causing that something to explode. Footage eventually coming some time on YouTube.

MEMCast Podcasting

A few you know that I recently started a podcast show on ITunes titled MEMCast (under the parent of my Mind.Erase.Media), which is primarily hosted by me, Ever, and Anthony (of Justin’s Apartment), who also helps edit and produce the show for me. I describe it as conversations about pop culture and techie stuff over shots of whiskey. Although, I gotta clarify, we haven’t drank in the last 4 episodes or so.

As of this post, I have sent over episode 14 to Anthony to place in the queue to go live in a couple of weeks. So far, it’s been consistently fun and informative, ranging from books, movies, and Con experiences. I had various guests including actors, filmakers, web marketing personalities, and my sis-in-law as an obsessive Hello Kitty fan. Check it out on ITunes at: #MEMCast

If you don’t believe the hype, then let Jason Michael Fong convince you:


Off to More Adventures Again…

For I must be traveling on now/
‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Freebird”

Gonna lay off the Cons for bit, for I am now heading off to – Paris, London, and Amsterdam – Europe! I need to get away farther and farther… but I won’t be off the grid… so, as always, follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, again, check out my #MEMCast podcast on ITunes for nerd techie talk…

Until next time: here we go!

Ray Hom

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