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Heading to Saigon, Vietnam to Speak about Digital Film Making


I’ll be  flying out tonight to Saigon, Vietnam, to speak at a biz tech conference, TECx 2012, on the morning of July 4, 2012, as part of a panel of filmmakers about “Technology & Digital Filmmaking” at the fancy, schmancy New World hotel. There will be a Q&A session afterwards, and a Lounge Event dinner party at night, where I can network/meet/mingle with other guests and audience members. I do feel excited but awkward about this, as, I am self-aware, I am nowhere famous or a celeb of any kind in the public eye, esp. half-way around the world. (Maybe Hollywood is a possible future, as a next step, someday). I’m assuming the event itself is being filmed and will be available to the viewing public some day. An update on this will follow.

Doing a little online homework, my panel will include a keynote opening by Harry “Doc” Kloor. According to his wiki, he “is, as of 1994, the first (and only) person in world history to earn two PhDs simultaneously in any discipline. He holds PhDs in Physics and in Chemistry.” He is also a writer of science fiction TV, most notably, a few episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager”. His big project is an IMAX animation film titled “Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey” which consists of voices by a lot of big name actors from both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”, and other names including Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, John Travolta, and Casey Kasem(?!). Here’s Harry Kloom answering a call at Comic-Con 2009 from Chris Pine in front of audience members:

My portion of the TecX 2012 speak will consists mostly about low-budget, independent film making, and feature a few clips from past Mind.Erase.Media projects, including the recent “Lady in the Kitchen“, written & directed by Bo! Campbell and Gino Oddone. “Social networking” will be a big topic as part of my presentation, and speaking about the changing landscape of aggregating media being interactive, including the importance of viral marketing and self-branding, integrated into the future of filmmaking. Don’t worry, it will make sense someday. Heheh…

As always, I will continue to chronicle my adventures through FacebookTwitter, and here as well on rayhom.com.

See y’all around!

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