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“Mutt” Premiere Screening, November 12, 2010

Mutt Credits

My brother, Stan, and I started co-writing our first, sketchy outline for “Mutt” early in 2009. What started out as an idea for an interrogation film inspired by somewhat the “Batman vs. Joker” scene in “The Dark Knight” evolved into something else entirely. We were able to secure an opportunity to interview a San Quentin security guard, which in turn inspired us to write the characters detached from the typical cops & robbers stuff you see in mainstream action flicks. I’ve been quoted as saying it took about 37 drafts to get close to what the finished product is today, but Stan believes it was more than that. Eventually, the finalized version of the action/drama screenplay was about a year ago, some day in November 2009.

After various meetings with potential cinematographers, we settled (and have not regretted it!) on working with Leonardo De Asis, Jr. of Doubletter Productions to help us shoot “Mutt”. By early 2010, with the help of our casting director Jenn Wong, we were auditioning for both the roles of Sid and Trish. We were looking for natural actors who had the look and the attitude… to the point where during the audition we had potential actors beating up a stuffed teddy bear. Joe Canose and Michelle Monge were are choices.

Before the auditions, we had already settled on Bo! Campbell (as Paul) and Ace Miles (as Mick) for specific roles we had written centered around their physique and what we thought would be their alter-ego personality…Without spoiling too much, Bo! is Paul! Ace is Mick!

And, with the combined forces of Mind.Erase.Media and Doubletter Productions, we shot the film over weekends and weeknights for about two months from late March into June 2010. A few months later of grueling editing, post-production, and sound… it it ready to be screened.


The premiere screening of “Mutt”, a 30-min action/drama short film that I co-wrote with my brother, Stan Hom, will be screening at the South San Francisco Conference Center this coming Friday at 9pm. The event is free admission, and will be followed by a Q&A with the cast & crew. You can access a PDF version of the press release online

Check out the announcement of the premiere in the L.A. Examiner.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find info about the event at this link:

The official site of “Mutt” is http://www.minderasemedia.com/mutt
Credits and logo designed by Petrina Cooper

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