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Hong Kong, China 2016

Back in mid-April, I took a trip to Hong Kong with Willis, Ava, and Jason Nou. I had amassed a lot of footage, and didn’t get around to editing it until now. Here are a few highlighted images from the trip, and the video follows at the end. Thx!

Hiking up some steep ass steps with Ava in Hong Kong through 10,000 Buddha statues.
Getting my cardio in for the day, exercise at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.
Ate a lot of fried pig knuckles.
Hong Kong got some tall, tall, tall buildings.
One thing I noticed about older Hong Kong buildings are that their tenants love to hang their air conditioners outside their windows.
Bruce Lee statue at the HK Heritage Museum. No pics were allowed inside the exhibit but on display included Lee’s nunchucks, handwritten screenplays, book collection, and the famous yellow track suit he wore in “Game Of Death”.
Sorry, America. HK gets to watch Marvel’s “Civil War” a couple of weeks ahead of you. Billboard at Prince Edward station.
When Jason jumps in front of my camera and takes better pics than me.
What I’ve been traveling halfway around the world for: some hot, hot, hot “Dahn Taat”! (egg custard tart, for the lay Westerner).
Watched a Cantonese comedy movie in a theater, Cine Moko, with Chinese and English subtitles today. I haven’t done that since I was a little boy growing up in San Francisco chinatown.
“We are now legit Chinese.” – Ava
I have become comfortable with the convenience of using the MTR train system to get almost anywhere in HK. This is a brief moment when it’s not crowded, and endless.
The soft, silky, sweet texture Dragon Bearded candy are super rare or constantly sold out when I seek them back in the States. But there’s an abundance here in HK!

Story time: Then on April 22nd, as each of my fellow traveling companions have gone on to do their own thing in Hong Kong this morning, I have ventured out alone hunting for breakfast with my limited Cantonese.

And, so… I came upon a cafe, which unknown to me, the front door was operated by a button to the side. As someone was exiting the restaurant, I seized the opportunity to enter, only to be met by the sliding door slamming into me. I stumbled and giggled, as the cashier, looking shocked, explained to me how the door is controlled. This was also witnessed by a waitress.

Then they both LOLed at “Ah gaaw hoa hoisome.” Literally, they found it amusing that I laughed at myself for being hit by the door. This is in the contrast by my Americanized/Western personality to how most people receive me. I find comedy in everything, especially in my own ineptitude. I just became more self-aware today because of this incident happening in a foreign land in present foreign company. I explained that “ngaw Meigwawk leia…” That I’m from America, as if that explained anything. Prob didn’t. But they laughed approvingly.

I don’t have a moral to this story, only that I was starving and that I had successfully gotten through the door to eat – satay beef and noodles with a cup for milk tea. Nothing else funny happened.

Don’t fully understand the language of HK signs but, at least, they acknowledged my porn name.
For the remaining of my trip in HK, I had switched from a cramped hotel room into a roomier spot at the Royal Plaza Hotel, where a windowed partition goes up while I’m bathing that peeps into my bed. #heehee
I got the opportunity to finally try roasted goose over rice, at a spot called Goose Time, for the first time in HK before I left for the airport!

…and here’s my video edit! Enjoy!

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