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in short, WonderCon 2008 & X-Files 2

This year, I attended WonderCon only briefly. Other then the X-Files 2 panel, I hadn’t much interests in anything else at the convention. How much more excitement can I get off on people dressed up as Star Wars characters? I definitely had no desire to browse through over-priced action figures and comic books. How old am I, really? And I was getting irritated by a crowd of stormtroopers and overweight wonder women bumping into me. Shopping at Costco isn’t even this bad. Then there are the “has been” 2nd-rate actors from sci-fi shows, that date to about 50 years back, trying to make a living selling autographs; I don’t think their fans are even still alive. It really depresses you about old age. Immortality is a curse.

I’m trying hard to refrain from using the deragatory “G” word here.

And, I don’t want to insinuate only a negative attitude towards the convention. I was able to get a glimpse (from a distant) of Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny of X-Files fame. And that made more than worth the convention experience for myself. It’s one of the few shows on public TV that I can speak of obsessively in a trance-like state. There to promote the summer release of X-Files 2, Chris Carter (creator), Frank Spotnitz (writer) and the two stars were on stage giving a Q&A. Audience members weren’t allowed to ask for autographs. (Maybe in about 50 years, it will be possible.) For us common folks (who got in late), they were projected on a big screen as they spoke. We viewed a new trailer to the movie, but they didn’t talk much about it during the Q&A. The trailer, captured amateurishly by an audience member, can be found on YouTube here. One of those groupie members you hear screaming in the background is probably me. :mrgreen: Both actors still look good, even after all these years (the power of Hollywood). I was only able to take the following pics with my cell phone. Sorry, pretty fuzzy images. Somebody actually filmed the entire Q&A on Youtube, but you gotta have patience, it’s like 17 clips total. If you listen carefully, people were hollering out,”Where’s Xzibit?

X-Files: Gillian Anderson (Scully)   X-Files: Chris Carter (Creator/Producer/Director)   X-Files: Frank Spotnitz (Writer)   X-Files: David Duchovny (Mulder)

All in all, it was a “C-Average” visit for me to WonderCon this year. Although, I do wish I had attended the Harold & Kumar 2 panel to get a glimpse of John Cho. He’s the next Sulu of the new Star Trek movie, ya know? Y: The Last manDon’t call me the “G” word, please. And I should of made an effort to visit the talk about Vertigo Comics, esp. since I am addicted to reading Y: The Last Man now (Shia LaBeouf is rumored to play the movie version. Uhm… whoopee??). I personally consider Vertigo the “HBO of graphic novels”. HBO is going to make The Preacher into a series, so my analogy is not “G”-obsessive.

I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm and pics. You definitely can catch more than enough professional reports of WonderCon 2008 on IGN/Rotten Tomatoes, io9, Coming Soon, as well as a bunch of other sites. Hell, even one of my best friends and favorite Hungarian, Eszter took better pics than I did; she was only a few feet away from the stage. But, you have to be a literate, geeky Hungarian to understand what she wrote about it.

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