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REWIND: Barcelona, Spain, Dec 2018

Here’s my YouTube edit (finally) of my trip to Barcelona, Spain w/ Jeanne back in Dec 2018. Please like and subscribe! 👍 Can’t forget, we met Frank Eggers and Jürgen Heitz there!

There is a side story where there was an attempted pick pocket on me, that I will only tell here. So, Jeanne and I were walking back to our hotel through the Gothic Quarters, when a shorter male came up to me handing me a flyer of some party that would happen that night. As I went over the flyer, this short man proceeded to explain to me the event and that there will be dancing. He danced closed to me and stuck one of his legs between mines (it’s not as gratuitous as you think).

I have a bad habit of placing my wallet in my back-right pocket, and it’s apparent. I was doing good practice throughout the trip, but this moment, I got a bit tipsy from the wine drinking we had done, and my old habit returned.

So, after this short man did his dance, he slowly backed away to tell me to check out the event. That’s when I realized what had happened, I felt my back pocket and my wallet was missing.

The only thought I had at that moment was that I didn’t want to have to go through calling all my credit card companies. It was an instantaneous thought. Then I proceeded to walk towards this pick pocketer, he was surprised by my reaction. He had a taller friend standing next to him, but didn’t do a single thing. This short man stumbled back on to the floor. While sitting there shocked, he showed my wallet in one hand, and the money from it, in the other. He was bargaining with me.

I grabbed both from his hands and turned around and walked back to Jeanne, who had no clue what had just happened.

The pickpocketer didn’t attempt to pursue me, nor did his friend. I didn’t do any John Wick-style moves, it wasn’t as dramatic. I wasn’t trying to be tough. I just had a moment of stoicism, and wanted my stuff back.

I was pretty pissed the rest of the night that it happened (messaged almost every friend I had on my friends list), but also proud of myself having faced these guys who, apparently, wasn’t prepared for rayhom.com.

Enjoy the video! In the meantime, I’m editing my Philippines & Thailand trip from a few months back. I’ve been quite productive during these isolation times.

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