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Using My New DJI Osmo Pocket during Isolation

I’ve been staying up at an undisclosed location up in WA state. I say undisclosed because I’m house sitting for a friend (who currently lives in the Bay Area). The irony was that I came up here about a month ago to get-away and visit friends up here in both Oregon and Washington. But, the current major world event got me on lockdown at this place. It’s been a blessing in disguise adjustment staying here, and I am currently undecided on when to return. But, for now, I’ve been doing various projects. I actually created my first Lego stop motion recently, which I only had posted on an IG story. So, you won’t be able to find it yet. I am planning to post a full short film, if I can stop myself fumbling with Lego pieces and have the patience to finish it.

In the meantime, I also bought myself a DJI Osmo Pocket. Pretty cool handheld gimbal that can shoot cinematic 4K. I’ve been trying to look for Mt. Saint Helens (or, at least, a glimpse of it) up here. It’s the inspiration for Mt. Saint Hilary which is the crash site for the Ark of the origin story of how the G1 Transformers arrived to Earth. Took me like four times driving down I-5 North, but eventually found a countryside road that led me to as close as I can get, which I used my gimbal in the following IG edit. I prob could shoot something better, but it was a fun start…


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