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I will finally start pre-production on my first short film “Touch” this week. I definitely will have to change the title, as it’s been nagging me. What’s a synonym to “making contact”? I am wrapping up the last few words to my 3rd (and, no doubt, my final) draft of the screenplay today. And I will be scouting, along with my assistant director Joy, for locations. Does anyone out there personally know someone who owns a mom & pop’s cafe shop/restaurant? And does anyone have a large apartment with a bathroom where the angle of the door looks directly into a large mirror? I will also be posting ads to audition for actors soon. I will update as progress is made…

I was helping Jimmy (AKA “Bruce Wayne” to some) move to his new house over the weekend, and he had invited about 12 of his friends to help out. Have you ever witnessed about 4 or 5 guys build a bookcase? It’s quite efficient.

Anyways, among these bunch of “movers”, I recognized a familiar face… but wasn’t quite sure from where.
He introduced himself,”Hi. I’m George.”
“I’m Ray… didn’t you use to go to CES summer school program?” I asked.
“Yeah. Damn, that’s like way back.”
“Yeah, over twenty years ago. I remember you. We use to be in the same summer school class. We had class together with Calvin Hwang… and one of our teachers was Edmund Wong. Big guy with glasses. I recognize your face, but you had longer hair back then.”
“Really? Yeah, I remember them. I actually met DC a couple months back. Damn, you got a good memory,” George was surprised.
And I started jogging his memory,”I was a quiet kid back then, but I remember you because we all went on a field trip to go watch ‘Goonies’. And it was one of my favorite movies from back then…”
George interjected,”Yeah, I love that movie too.”
“And I use to have a bad habit of talking a lot during movies,” I continued. “You were sitting next to me and told me to be quiet ’cause you were trying to watch the movie.”
George laughed, and apologized (after 2 decades) if he was a mean classmate. I told him it’s no biggie, as I tend to… ahem… over-dramatize my retelling of the past. And, I apologized for talking during the movie, ’cause I’ve come to anally consider it bad etiquette to do so.
Then I asked George,”I overheard you talking with the other fellas… so, you’re an actor now, huh?”
We ended up talking about movies, and making them, for the rest of the day.

If you’re curious about George (sorry, bad pun), you can find him online at: http://geogenes.googlepages.com

George in Bad Guys

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