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Mystic Museum’s The Evil Dead Experience #MMEvilDead40

The day after Halloween, with Bo & April, we swung by The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in SoCal for their “40 Years of Fear: The Evil Dead – An Immersive Horror Experience”. A couple years back, this unique store also hosted a more basic version of the exhibit, which we also attended. But, it was still fun, as Bo and I are hardcore #EvilDead fanatics. I’m working on a scrapbook of our journey having experienced a lot of Evil Dead events, including meeting Bruce Campbell, as well as other creators of the franchise. At this latest venture at the Mystic Museum, the Evil Dead exhibit was more interactive. Bo and I messed with the props and role-played various scenes on the sets. We even found the clues to reveal the secret hashtag #MMEvilDead40… this may lead us to some possible prizes, or some recognition based on what we post from the exhibit… so, I ended up taking a bunch of the footage (with April’s help!) and created the fanfic short film below. I gotta say… Groovy!

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