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Karma Magazine :: Boys Toys

Featured in Karma Magazine Fall 2002
by club editor ray hom

© 2002

HENDONISM: (h’dnz”m) the doctrine that holds that pleasure
is the highest good. [see Boys Toys]

It is about evening and the moon is full. The craving to hang with the boys at a strip club has cycled back upon you again. But you have promised to be with your girl tonight. She had made you swear many times before that you would take her to one of “those places”. You’ve been to all the shady joints and you do not want to ruin your reputation as being a respectable person.

Boys Toys, ladies and gentlemen, is your solution. Even if you bring your refined friends to the club, you will not be ashamed, but proud that you introduce them to this new experience.

The diversity in entertainment for a strip club continues to put Boys Toys at a level above the usual display of naked, gyrating women. The dancers are beautiful, easily approachable, and dressed in the sexiest of outfits at Boys Toys. But one gets the impression that there is no sleaze in their presentation. They are friendly, and you sense in their demeanor that they not only believe that it’s a job they are doing, but that they enjoy doing it also. This makes it personally fun for you and your company. You will notice that these are professional dancers and that they were chosen not only for their physical beauty, but also for their ability to entertain.

One thing that is easily noticeable about Boys Toys is that 30% of the patrons are female. The diverse atmosphere helps create the feeling that this is not a place for where only hormonally enraged men spend their time. It is a club where, whatever your gender, you can enjoy a refined ambience and watch beautiful entertainers with entertaining music.

Boys Toys features four star dining. A short ride up the elevator, you will find the Boardroom restaurant. When you are settled in to witness the entertainment, the food and drinks are a great compliment to the atmosphere. With head chef Aaron Kirsch, a 20-year veteran of the culinary arts, you can enjoy a quality menu that includes sassy-seared chicken, baby rack of lamb, and grilled Angus filet of beef. If you’re not hungry for a large plate, the kitchen also offers appetizers like oysters and gourmet pizzas. There’s also a full bar, so you have plenty of choices of what to get you in the mood.

Boys Toys also offers private parties and VIP status for frequent visitors and they often feature special events on weekends. After such an experience at Boys Toys, you and your company will feel sexy by night’s end.

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