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Karma Magazine :: Kubota Japanese Restaurant

Featured in Karma Magazine Fall 2002
by club editor ray hom

© 2002

Shopping and exploring through the peaceful streets of San Jose’s Japantown makes you hungry. And what do you crave for when spending all day in this part of San Jose? Chances are, it’s Japanese Food. And the place that can feed such a hunger is the Kubota Japanese Restaurant.

The restaurant offers a full sushi bar and authentic Japanese cuisine that can fulfill the appetite of even the most discerning Japanese food lovers. With an easily accessible parking lot, you don’t have to worry about rushing into the restaurant to make it in time for your reservation. And behind the restaurant is a serene, fenced-in patio, the perfect place if you wish to eat outside in the warm air of San Jose.

When you first enter the restaurant, a friendly and attentive hostess is there to greet you. She will seat you in front of a group of professional chefs who are working hard to present your food in an artistic and appetizingly fashion; you’ll really admire the skill displayed before you. It is an experience just to watch the chefs cook up your meal as you tell them your Japanese-food wish list.

Opened in 1997, the Kubota Japanese Restaurant offers home-style Japanese dishes such as teriyaki and tempura, grilled hamachi collar, and the soft-shell crab roll with tuna, which are all prepared with artistic flair. You can also choose from a variety of specialty entrées like Chilean sea bass kasuzuke, crispy calamari garlic salad, or grilled fresh-water eel. You will probably spend more time than expected just going through the menu.

But what about their sushi? The deep-fried spicy tuna rool is everyone’s favorite among the large selection of traditional sushi on their menu. Dozens of Nigiri and Maki rolls, offer an abundance of quality fresh seafood for you to choose from.

Make sure you make room for dessert because the warm apple cake with walnuts and tropical fruit is one of the regular’s favorites. And, if you have a strong stomach for good drinking, there’s a large selection of vintage sake.

If you eat here often, you will recognize that a lot of the lunch crowd came back for seconds at dinnertime. You might see the friendly owner of the restaurant, making sure everyone is enjoying his or her meal or busily preparing your dish in the kitchen.

Open for business everyday, attracts to a crowd that creates a pleasant atmosphere, as both locals and visitors alike dine here. The popularity of the restaurant should be a sign to you. The Kubota Japanese Restaurant fuses authentic Japanese dishes with a contemporary atmosphere. This alone will compel you to return to the restaurant every time you are in San Jose’s Japantown.

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