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[ I am not Ray Hom Batteries ]

“My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.”
– Ashleigh Brilliant, English cartoonist & author

Updated: April 11, 2024

This section has been updated and revised, and remixed and rebooted, various times. But, the essence of what I’m trying to say, is the same. I’m not going to give you some LinkedIn description of who I am (I have one, but you just won’t find it here).

I’m a techie web dev nerd, a part-time podcaster / filmmaker / travel vlogger… and an inconsistent blogger, here on rayhom.com, of my personal experiences growing up and still living as part of the generation that made “nerd/geek culture” mainstream. I have an obsessive fascination with the arrival of the AI revolution, 80s scifi/horror – namely Aliens, Terminator, Robocop, and Hellraiser – pop culture nostalgia, and love the smell of old, used books… sounds kinky, but, in context, I love reading them too.

This site, rayhom.com (sometimes I refer to it as rayhomdotcom for visually phonetic reasons), started out as a bunch of HTML web pages (learned out of a Dummies book) way back around ’97 to share a photo gallery with fellow peers, and promote my dreams as a writer and content creator. It was, and still is, a personal site to keep me connected with friends & family of my “going ons”, esp. , in this exploding social media networking age. rayhom.com has evolved through various incarnations, and WordPress has been a tremendous help in easing my adaptation to technical changes of the Web (it helps to be a web developer, too).

At its most basic function, rayhom.com is a blog. At its most ambitious intentions, it is to help brand myself. In between all that, it’s a place where I’m chronicling parts of my Life, and speak to the few of you that stop by to read about it.

I attend a lot of Cons and “geek” out all things techie, science fiction, and anything involving with the technological singularity and artificial intelligence. Sometimes, late into the night (PST), you can find me gaming on my PS5 (handle: rayhom) with fellow online gamers or on my PC through Steam. I grew up on a lot of intellectual/political Hiphop of the 80s/90s, and can lose myself into a lot of Freestyle Dance music of the same era. I’m not much into watching sports or drinking wine, but I enjoy a sip of whiskey on occasion, and drink a large ounces of Starbucks.

^This is non-clickable, video no longer exists. But, I acted in an SAP SuccessFactors HR Software video where I was WFH using their software.
As a techie nerd, I’ve been WFH for over the past decade now.

I’ve made appearances, spoken, acted, and got interviewed at public events, or appeared in a publication or other forms of media (which I track below). Ironically, I grew up a reserved kid. I’ve overcome a lot of my introversion having experienced a lot of social events and public speaking, but I credit it mainly to having kept a lot journals, reading a lot of scifi/horror books and western philosophy books, growing up on a large dose of hip-hop during the 80s & 90s, and mastered the art of making a good amount of honest, good friends, that became like-family.

That being said…

I also did host a pop culture/techie-type podcast titled MEMCast, an offshoot of my media crew, Mind.Erase.Media, where I filmed and produced a few short films. (Plans for more projects are forthcoming.) Anyways, I’ve been running MEMCast since pre-covid pandemic, then I took a hiatus. Tragically, a lot of family & friends have died, prematurely, in recent years, including my co-producer for M.E.M. I took a break, but I’m not broken. There’s a maturity and growth in accepting death as reality part of life (I don’t like it but I accept it).

It is around early 2024, that I’m updating this, and I’m currently spending my time getting up to speed with the acceleration of the AI revolution, which I have dreamed of, but never thought I’d live to be a part of. I am planning to bring back MEMCast this coming summer, and also have a few AI-related projects, in the works. One day, I will finish a scifi novel, and do underwater photography while scuba diving. And, I like werewolves (sounds random, but, if you know, it makes sense a little). When I’m old and unable to physically do anything, I will binge watch Three’s Company until lights out.

But, in the meantime, you can prepare check out my next level evolution: rayhom.ai

Ray Hom at Tough Mudder


I am no one famous, nor an influencer, or considered to be famous but I am blessed with a great circle of family & friends that warrants this site. With the advent of social media, and Internet technology, I’ve taking advantage of the tech to have connected to large group of different people who I proudly can call close friends, who I also keep in touch in-person, have the most unique conversations and experiences, which make Life worth living.

ray hom

Media and Online Public Appearances

The following timeline contain few links that take you (mostly offsite) to other sites , but, if you read this far, and are continuing on with these, you are either creepy, stalking me, or just looking for more stuff to use against me…

I did remove some of my older writings. Nothing damning my character, I don’t think. But, it would be a waste of your time, and the context of being young and cringey shows in how amateur my previous work may have been. That being said, the Internet is forever, so who knows, maybe you’ll find things I couldn’t remove on archive.org.

Back on with the Tangential Giants to talk about Horror (November 3, 2023)
The guys at Tangential Giants – Kareem, Patrick, and Ken – bring me back as a guest on their podcast to speak about our fav, worst, and scariest horror flicks. Part One can be found here, and part two is here.

Profile of love of horror by Canon_e_production (October 20, 2023)
Eric Ignacio did a profile of my fanaticism of horror. This one seems to be popular profile of me, but also makes me look a bit obsessed. Click on image to open the IG profile video.

My unedited version post of WonderCon 2023 that originally appeared on skaww.com (April 11, 2023)

My brother, Stan Hom, is interviewed by Eric Jacobus (March 27, 2023)
I’m not in this one, but, if you want to get an idea who my brother is, this is a good discussion, and he mentions about us growing up watching double-feature grindhouse flicks near San Francisco Chinatown, which I bring up in interviews too, about how we were influenced by movies during the 70s and 80s.

Fall 2022: The folks at Tangential Giants — Kareem, Patrick, and Ken — brought me on as a guest to chat about Chucky movies and series, owning evil dolls, and horror related stuff. In three parts! It didn’t even feel like we yammered on that long. It was a fun one. Here is Part One, and Part Two, and Part Three.

Appeared on Dre’s “SEO Video Show ep #000 (June 12, 2020)
I had lived streamed with my buddy, Paul Andre, on his SEO Video Show, to intro his show, which is still going strong to this day. At the time, I was starting a new position as a data analyst.

On July 12, 2019, SDCC Blog featured me as “Attendee of the Week” for Comic Con. Click on image to get to the page on their site.

On Sat, April 7, 2018, during Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, I was invited to speak on a live podcast panel for Keeping It Nerd around the corner at Caffe Frascati, along with fellow guests… writer and performer, Lauren Garcia, comic book artist, Glen Canlas, and fitness trainer & cosplayer, Saul Cervantes. Hosted by Vince Mostajo and Anthony Rivera, it was a fun-filled hour chit-chat about #NerdCulture and a game round of SuperFight (“a game of absurd arguments”). I could hang with these guys forever geek-style!
Check it out at: http://keepingitnerd.com/2018/04/10/live-from-caffe-frascati/

I was a guest on the Keeping It Nerd podcast hosted by Vincent Mostajo and Anthony Gerard Rivera on Dec 21, 2017, where we (with guests Reyna Mostajo and Jeremiah Dempsey) discuss with fellow nerds about Star Wars “The Last Jedi”. Listen to it on on iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher Radio.
Part I: { listen here }
Part II: { listen here }

I shot a 360 video of MEMCast, Burnout Pictures, Swingshot Films, and Project W Productions speaking with Justin Mallari, on the “The Geek Offensive” podcast, part of the Geek Say What? Network, during WonderCon 2017 weekend in Anaheim. We chat about the convention, Kevin Smith, and Eric Bruce! Shot on a Samsung Gear 360 camera. Listen to the the full length podcast on ITunes under “The Geek Offensive“, or just go to the following url: { check it out here }

October 31, 2016: Just in time for Halloween, I had written an article on MovieTime.Guru about what are the 13 most fucked up movies I’ve ever seen.
Read it: 13 Most Fucked Up Movies I’ve Ever Seen [The site has become defunct, and absorbed into Hackernoon.com] but you can find my recount of the article here, on my IG:

I was a guest speaker on the podcast “Justin’s Apartment” for episode #7: “A Flashlight for RayHomDotCom”. This was my first time doing a podcast, and it was historical, in that, people realized I like to include dick jokes in everything I talk about. (Released September 05, 2014). { Listen on ITunes here }

On June 11, 2014, I met up with actor, writer, director, and artist, Derrick Wong, to catch-up and chit-chat about our mutual filmmaking projects over Korean food and soju at Tonight Soju in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to me, Derrick asked to interview me for his “Walk-in Wednesdays” projects for his Facebook fan page. You can find the video on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfZ7tfWuq48

On March 28, 2014, I sat down for an interview with Gareth Evans, the director of “The Raid: Redemption” and “The Raid 2: Berandal”, and Iko Uwais, star of both films at the bay area Fairmont Hotel. This is probably my most popular video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvceKrTGA_o

Super-Con Big Wow! ComicFest Filmmakers Panel (May 18, 2013)
Bo and I, again, were part of a panel of independent filmmakers hosted by Miss Misery. Other guests included Mac Beauvais, Chrissy Lynn Kyle, John Gillette, Dylan D Walsh, and Jeff Lunzaga. Currently, there is no public footage of the event, but you can read my experience of the event.

I was invited to showcase Mind.Erase.Media‘s popular flicks at Revelcade’s Applause Night 2013, and premiered my latest short “Foreshadow” on May 10, 2013. You can read all about the experience here on rayhom.com: Revelcade’s Applause Night 2013.

Savvi’s TecX 2012 in Saigon, Vietnam (July 4, 2012)
I spoke in Saigon, Vietnam for a tech conference about digital filmmaking. It was shot and broadcasted in Vietnam, but, I’m currently unaware of where one can access the footage of the event. But, you can read about my experience on my blog post: Late Ramblings

Super-Con Big Wow! ComicFest Filmmakers Panel (May 22, 2011)
Bo and I are part of a panel of independent filmmakers hosted by Miss Misery. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any audio or video footage of this event. But, it was quite a fun run, as we had audience members attempt to talk to us as if they were fans.

Interview in the L.A. Examiner (November 2010)
Ed Moy of the L.A. Examiner interviews me and my brother, Stan Hom, right before our premiere of our 30-min. action/drama short “Mutt” Read it: { L.A. Examiner: Q&A with Stan Hom and Ray Hom }

Miss Misery’s Last Doorway Productions (2009 – 2010): I was moonlighting as a horror journalist for Miss Misery’s Last Doorway Productions site doing Q&A’s with various film industry folks associated within the horror industry. Although, Miss Misery is still active, she has since removed the content from her site. But, archived here were the the interviews I had done:

  • Chatting with Barabara Stepansky about the surge of female directors in the horror genre
  • An interview with UK horror filmmaker Matthew Saliba
  • Q&A with ParaWoman extraordinaire Amy Williamson
  • A talk with the artists, actress, and filmmaker Alexia Anastacio
  • Exploring the unique, creepy (in a good way) dance troupe called the Corpsewax Dollies
  • A bloody feature about the sexy but violent Ghoul Girls
  • Quick chat with horror filmmaker Matt Vanaja
  • Interview with independent film actress Judy Cerda

Interview on AA Risings (2009):
“This A-Profiler we bring you new filmmaker Ray Hom. Find out how Hom’s college English class started him writing, how his current short film Hubris evolved, and why he wants aspiring filmmakers to ‘stop making excuses’.” Read it: { A Profiler: ray hom }

Interview on the Joe Flynn Show (June 2009)
The footage is currently not available for the public access. But here’s a pic of us hangin’ after the interview.

Interview with a local Berkeley, CA show (July 2009)
In regards to my short film “Hubris” being shown at the BCM Film Festival. Watch it on YouTube here:

Interview on Shannon Lark’s “Chainsaw Mafia” (February 2009)
Raven Black talks to me about my first short film “Hubris”, and how’d I got my start. Read it: { Chainsaw Mafia on Hubris } NOTE: Unfortunately, Chainsaw Mafia has closed its doors, and I no longer have a copy of this interview anywhere. If I can ever get my hands on it, I will return and place it here.

Goorin Brothers (Goorin.com) appears in Vibe magazine (2004)
I was the company’s first web producer for the site when this article appeared.

Karma Magazine (2002)
This magazine premiered on September 28, 2002, introducing itself as the new entertainment source for the bay area scene. I was the club editor for the first issue reviewing certain popular San Francisco venues –

  • Mission Ale House { read it here on rayhomdotcom }
  • Kubota Japanese Restaurant: East Meets West { read it here on rayhomdotcom }
  • Never Ending Experience: Club TEN 15 { read it here on rayhomdotcom }
  • Sno-Drift: How The Chilliest Place… { read it here on rayhomdotcom }
  • 111 Minna: The Party Starts at 5PM { read it here on rayhomdotcom }
  • Hedonism: Boys Toys { read it here on rayhomdotcom }

Dead Girl In The Dark (2002)
A horror story that steps into the realms where children are fodder for adult insecurities. *shrug* Take it as you wish. (Featured on the house-of-pain.com site (now defunct), May 2003 issue.)
{ read it here on rayhomdotcom}

AsianMall.com: Maggie Lee Interview (2002)
I recently interviewed Maggie Lee on AsianMall.com. She’s a Chinese-American singer hailing from Orlando, Florida, if y’all didn’t know. At only the age of 19 now, she seems ambitions and determined in pursuing her artistic career with full support from her parents. Which is a damn rarity among Asian-Americans. (Not to point any fingers!) But, it’s all good, you do what you love and the money will eventually follow… hopefully.
{ read it here on rayhomdotcom}

AsianMall.com: Kristine Sa Interview (2001)
On March 27, 2001, I’ve had the humble opportunity to interview Nemesis Record‘s recording artist Kristine Sa on AsianMall.com. As a rising Asian American singer, she is opening doors to a new arena of artists. Starting early in the internet promotion of music, Kristine will be around for a long time on the WWW with power of new media. Listen (pun intended) to what she has to say.
{ read it here on rayhomdotcom }

Chinese News featuring AsianMall.com (December 2001)
…interviewing me and Jerry Chen regarding the emergence of Asian products online.

AsianMall.com in the Examiner (March 19, 2001)
I’m the staff writer mentioned in the article.

Some random stuff
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