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Another six month update: rayhom.ai

Whoa, you’re still reading here?

Is blogging (or, is it another term now?) still even a thing. I’d often thought that word “blogging” sounded funny. It’s a word that dribbles off your tongue, like it’s about to fall off, over a cliff… of the chin. *shrug* Anyways, yo… so, I’m back to give a little update. I’ll be heading off to WonderCon in a few days, and visit a few friends in SoCal, next weekend from this post’s date. It will be my first Con of the new year. I may, start slowing down on the Cons, only to pursue more other interests. It won’t be a total stop, but I do have only so much time in a minute. It’s best to just watch my “tech, travel, and NerdCulture” vlogs on YouTube.com/rayhom to fancy a follow of what my interests are.

On the travel front, I still haven’t gotten a chance to travel internationally since the start of lockdown, but I did my annual horror-fest of events down in SoCal, last October, with my buddy Bo, and meeting up with our mutual L.A. friends — I had vlogged the event here: HALLOWEEN 2022 vlog :: Monsterpalooza, Halloween Horror Nights, Mystic Museum & other HORROR stuff! And, prob the last Con I had attended was Fan Expo in San Francisco, with my buddy, Jerry. I had met Emily Swallow, the woman who plays the Armourer in the Mandalorian. You can watch my quick vlog on that one here. Oh, and I did manage a meet and greet with David Howard Thorton, who is Art the Clown from the Terrifier flicks. You guys know I love the horror stuff!

MEMCast, my podcast, hasn’t done an episode since 2020, if I recall correctly. But, it’s not gone, just took a hiatus, amiss all the world events in the past few years. And, it will be moving to a new platform. I’ll be meeting up with my co-producer, Anthony, this week, and we’ll be reviving the show with me jibber jabbering jibberish with my guests and stuff. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, last Fall, the folks at Tangential Giants — Kareem, Patrick, and Ken — brought me on as a guest to chat about Chucky movies and series, owning evil dolls, and horror related stuff. In three parts! It didn’t even feel like we yammered on that long. It was a fun one. Here is Part One, and Part Two, and Part Three!

I’ve been playing around with MidJourney, creating a bunch of images, and fine-tuning what odd ideas I may be trying to spill out onto the real world. I literally mentioned that I wanted to get into A.I. stuff someday, around almost 20 years ago here on rayhom.com. Don’t go looking for it, I was still a youngin’ inspired by the Terminator flick, joking, which has become cliché, about the Coming of Skynet. And, now, time has caught up and there’s so many fun tools to play with, my excitement for A.I. has increased fifty-fold. Of course, there’s ChatGPT, which just came out with v4. Although, the Coming of Skynet is so way off, and prob never will happen, I am a bit cautious to announce rayhom.ai. I will share my A.I. art and other works utilizing these tools, on there. rayhomdotcom will still be around. Prob will just be a blog, regardless, if it’s popular to still use that term or not.

Also, check out my buddy, Dre’s A.I. site — dre.ai. He’s the host from the SEO Video Show, which I was the first guest on. That was over 100-something episodes ago, so I’m not someone worth digging my past into.

That’s it for now, and, as usual, thanks for stopping by! Eventually, there will be another post here. Probably, in about six months or less. In the meantime, you can follow me on my IG for real-time stories, and my YouTube for the vlogging.

Have a good one, y’all!

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