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Taschen Books in L.A. & Taxi Driver by Paul Duncan

Back to & fro on a random road trip to Los Angeles (again) with BigMike (again), and I always have to stop at the Taschen luxury bookstore at the Grove next to the Farmer’s Market. They sell over-sized, pricey, beautifully designed books.

As always, I was browsing through the film books and the owner of the store asked me if I would like to meet the author. I had to do a double-take with my ears. The author?

Paul Duncan is his name, and he edited/authored over 50 books with great filmmakers like Scorsese, Kubrick, Chaplin, and the James Bond archives. You imagine my geek-gasm meeting this guy. As always, Mike was the charming dude who did a lot of the chatting.

Paul wasn’t here for a signing or to promote anything. Just passing through the store from the U.K. His next book is working with Sylvester Stallone on the 40th anniversary of the Rocky movies.

He explained that he met Scorsese only a few times. Most communications were through email. In which I exclaimed,”I wish I could email Scorsese!!!”

He eventually signed a copy of his “Taxi Driver”. Squeal!!! I already own a copy of the $100 book, but I’d paid for another one (again) just to solidify this moment.

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