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Towards Another Fall Season…

It’s almost that time of the year… Halloween season is upon us! Even though, I celebrate horror all year round, most of my fun times kicks in later in the year. Might be a psychological function, and an urgency to finish the year strong…

I’m excited for Hulu’s “Hellraiser”. Jamie Clayton in the trailer looks great. I just hope the movie is good. From the guy who did “Night House,” who apparently, intended that movie to be a Hellraiser flick. I plan to reread “Hellbound Heart (again!),” read all the novels & comics, and rewatch all the movies (yes, even the bad ones), related to the infamous Clive Barker series before the new flick starts. I’ve only got two weeks!

Last I spoke here, I was preparing to be on my way to Comic Con 2022. With the speed that I update my blog, all that has come to pass… in addition to having attended Silicon Valley Comic Con and just recently got back from Oregon, having attended Rose City Comic Con, and chilling with friends to explore the Pacific Northwest for a bit. You can find my overview video of Comic Con 2022 and Silicon Valley Comic Con 2022 (featuring my buddy, Skkaw) on my YouTube.

I will be on the Tangential Giants podcast this week to talk all things Chucky, and will prob go off tangent with other horror-related stuff… or even other things. I’ll do my best to make it conversationally entertaining. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a podcast, both with others, and with my own Mind.Erase.Media. The tides are turning that I’m going back in…

Speaking of running current simulations, I have been jumping back into the wild, wild west of Red Dead Redemption 2 online with my posse. It’s been inspiring to live out a western life in fiction, and to eventually create a project with a narrative of that life. I’ll explain more, as progress is made.

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick catch-up to avoid another slip of posting only every half-a-year, and, so far, I’ve been good at it during 2022. Back to the real world… and into… well, I’ve got House of the Dragon paused on my TV, it’s beckoning me. In the meanwhile, I have plans to attend Son of Monsterpalooza and do Halloween Horror Nights again, and celebrate a bunch of birthdays. It is that season. I’ll be back, but for now…

…here’s my Oregon vlog….

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