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Artie and Annabelle…

People are aware that I own an Annabelle doll from Mezco. Some people are creeped out by the idea, others are fascinated. My horror fan friends appreciate it. I’m not much of a believer in the supernatural, but I love horror, the genre and the psychology of how it affects and defines people’s fears.

To me, she’s just a doll. No, she’s not possessed, nor does she talk to me. She’s a piece of plastic that’s been anthropomorphic by the material she’s made out of, in this case, the horror doll made famous by The Conjuring movies, as well, to some degree based on the “true life” Annabelle story.

That being said, Artie made a funny comment… yes, I did buy Annabelle some bunny slippers, mainly because the mold of her feet has no toes, and looks generic. I found the slippers on Amazon for $5, and would be a cool gag story to tell. And, also, her feet aren’t cold when she talks to me at night!

Anyways, I’m getting ready to head out for San Francisco Comic Con in this heat wave to continue my hobbies in the #NerdCulture life. One day, I’ll write a post about who Annabelle really is to me…

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