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Going Down the Rabbit Hole, and Into the Simulation…

rayhom.com (sometimes referred to as rayhomdotcom for visually phonetic reasons), for 20+ years, has been, and continue to be, an ever changing personal site of my “going ons”, esp. , in this Digital Age of social media networking. At its most basic function, rayhom.com is a blog. At its most ambitious intentions, it is to help brand myself. In between all that, it’s a place where I’m chronicling parts of my Life, and speak to the few of you that stop by to read through it.

How Finite is You Evolution?

Ever since the pandemic lockdown had set-in back in March 2020, I have slimmed down things, and adapted to the current changing Times. As Moore’s Law continues to accelerate things, it’s time to get back to basics and focus on the fundamentals… I’ve deactivated most of my social media, but make an occasional peep in on IG. I have canceled my streaming services, as we live in a world of #TooMuchContent of mediocrity. The attention economy has arrested our brains. Currently, I spend the majority of my time either on my PS5, reading voraciously (I’ve formed book clubs during the Times), and learning a new skill here and there. Occasionally rereading Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron“.

Please subscribe and follow me on YouTube, and listen to my podcast, #MEMCast. I will be focusing on more writing, video/film projects, and further advancing my technical skills (I’m building Skynet, heheh).

“My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.”
– Ashleigh Brilliant, English cartoonist & author

There’s more stuff to come from this guy who’s not an influencer, nor am I famous… just counting my blessings to have lived a life, thus far, of experiencing both Silicon Valley and Hollywood. I just have access to the Internet with techie skill sets. Most of what I say have their origins in overused clichés. Everything is a remix, or a bunch of cobbled hacked memes.

Thanks for sticking around!
– ray hom

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