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Done Did Monsterpalooza 2022 and Now Heading to SDCC 2022 #ComicCon

I spent the last few days going through my archived pics and footage of my experiences with Cons, to put-together a highlights video, of about the last 15 years. It got a bit overwhelming. I was hoping to have edited in time before I leave for SDCC2022 tomorrow, but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen, no matter how much I delude myself thinking I can manage and bend time to my will. I’ll still finish it, jump on Adobe Premiere when I can, during break moments from running errands and packing to head down to San Diego… continue to work on this gargantuan video (which prob will turn out to be only 15 to 20 min) while I’m down there. It will be done, just need a lil’ bit more time.

Back in early June, I had attended Monsterpalooza 2022. The last time I attended this horror Con was around back in 2014. And, I never had forgotten the experience. Having met both Tom Savini and Al Leong, and saw practical creations of all types of monsters, creatures, and “things from other worlds”, it’s like a fun horror/fantasy world away from the real world kinda adventure. If they had a SDCC-sized event for Monsterpalooza, I would be in a sorta heaven, or a playground version of hell, depending on perspective. Relax, I am quite aware of it all as fictional and make-believe. No one is worshiping evil or the dead here. For me, horror is cathartic process to face the darkness, then the darkness fades, fear is tamed, and Life is easier to tackle with all it’s complexities and adversities that tests the limits that is human.

So, yeah, I crashed over at Dead by Donovan‘s spot in SoCal, and we partied (meaning we drank a bit), then headed on over to Monsterpalooza the next day. I barely slept maybe 4 or 5 hours, at most. I got giddy to meet Dee Wallace, Doug Bradley, and Bill Mosely, like a nostalgic who remembers the trauma their iconic characters done to me from TV and the movie theaters. And, of course, saw a ton of horror and fantasy stuff. The second day I was there, I hung out with Dorian and Taylor… got some dim sum across the street, and then went back to witness more great horror at the Pasadena convention center. Then went back to hang with Donavan & his gal at a nerd bar called the Guildhall eSports Bar. Instead of sports on the TV screens, they were projecting video games… fun times to get away from the life that is my life in the Bay Area. Anyways, this YouTube video will explain what went down…

Monsterpalooza 2022, yeah!

As I done about to publish this, I’ll be finishing packing to drive down for SDCC 2022 (gonna meet up with friend Sabrina for HH/early dinner, then gotta pick up Andres from the airport). I just realized, I broke my six month streak of posting something here on this site. I’m gonna make this a regular thing again, it’s a good exercise to get me going where I need to go… and, now, I need to go back to Comic Con! For the few who are here that are going as well, as I mentioned in my last post, my Mando cosplaying buddy, Wakks, will be attending. Follow his IG to see whereabouts he will be. Visit the Viz booth and find my buddy Eric prob shooting video coverage of the manga media company. I hope for some Chainsaw Man promos from them. I know there are other things going and other people to meet, but I’m only going off the top of my head, as I’m rushing to get things going… Oh! Visit Jackie Dallas at her booth for a signing. She use to fondly refer to me as her “wing man,” as her early days at the Cons, I used to point her out to people as being that “gal in Stranger Things“. She’s definitely getting famous now, as it’s her first time having a signing booth at SDCC! She’s gone onto bigger things!

Anyways, I’m sure I’ve got tons of things to share about SDCC, and will post a YouTube overview video after the event. But, for now, follow me on IG for real-time updates:

Go meet Jackie Dallas SDCC 2022. Tell her rayhomdotcom sent ya.

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