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And Another Super Late Blog Post…

Hi there!

And, I’m back with another rayhomdotcom post that happens on an average about every 6+ months. I’m alive and well, and will continue to be here, when I can, and when the time feels right (and I don’t get complacent). Thanks to the (very ,very) few that still encourage me to do this stuff, because I have this anxiety about rambling online being an ego-centric act some times. Damn social media culture (which I still participate in sometimes… if I can’t beat ’em!).

I’ve spent most of my times during this continued pandemic just experiencing and learning stuff — creating YouTube videos, speaking Cantonese when I can (because of family time), learning German (as I want to head to Germany to see my work HQ, when time permits me to do so, and I did take lessons way back in HS), reading at a good pace (I will see if I can get a Kindle reading stats widget on here), and I recently created a Lego stop-motion with the lightsaber effect. In this age of continuing #TooMuchContent, it’s best to also go with the flow and become a content creator.

I keep a Word document list of everything I want to read/watch/see/consume/to-do before I die. It’s currently a 40+ page list, and it’s never gonna end. But, the list helps me minimize the anxiety of #TooMuchContent. Half-joking with my buddy, Jason, the cure is prob to #CreateMoreContent. So, I’mma continue to post more again here.

Back a few months, in early July, I had gone to Anaheim for Disneyland, mainly to check out Galaxy’s Edge and immerse myself into the Star Wars universe. My next post and YouTube video will be about my journey there, as my goal was to get my hands on both the Jedi and Sith holocrons, and all the available kyber crystals (I’m still missing the black one, it’s a rarity that’s gonna be a challenge to get my hands on).

Also, it’s my favorite month of the year, as we countdown to Halloween, and I’m consuming a lot of horror books and flicks (moreso than the rest of the year). Incidentally, I kickstarted a documentary about mental health and horror, which I feel doesn’t get talked about often enough, how the horror genre keeps your sanity by confronting your darkest fears, kinda like how ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) method works in psychology. If you’re afraid of them spiders, you gotta face them spiders! Prob gonna head down to Halloween Horror Nights again by end of month, and hang with my SoCal peeps.

I’ve also got Comic Con upcoming end of November. It is back as a limited special edition. What that means, I’m unsure, as of this time, there is no itinerary yet online. And, then CES, in January 2022. I miss my Cons!

I don’t believe there is such a thing as true boredom. It is something, dare I say, that lazy people create as an excuse for procrastination and a passive-aggressive way of engaging the world we live in. Unfortunately, going to museums, and reading history books is boring to a lot people. No, I love that shit! Sitting around for the world to entertain us, well… Like everyone else, I am just as guilty sometimes, and it’s doing our lizard/monkey brain no good.

Take everything I write here with a grain of salt (like everything else on the Internet). Simply, ask yourself, how did I get here, and how did I end up reading this far?

Ray Hom

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