Happy Halloween Again!

Icons of Darkness

There’s this other bigger thing I miss from old school horror movies… it’s this one element that Hollywood used to define the horror genre, that has since been heavily buried by jump scares. And what I’m referring to is… fucked up ideas… The time right before my time, there were horror movies that used to be banned in multiple countries that are now considered classics. Sam Raimi had to defend the first Evil Dead in court for how violent it was. Now, thanks to high definition, you can see there’s literally paint on the actors faces. This is the main reason I have such a vendetta against the horror movies of today because all they have offer are these toothless jump scares, and no fucked up ideas. Horror is meant to get under your skin, not just go “Boo!” I’m sick of “Boo!” And, now entire franchise is being built on “Boo!” Along comes Malignant, and we have an alien-looking creature growing out of the back of a little girl’s head. Fucked up! They cut as much of him out as possible and shove his face into the little girl’s skull. Fucked up! At the end, his brain face breaks out of her skull. Fucked up! This character isn’t just limited to being there one minute, and then not being there the next, followed exclusive by “Boo!” Because this is a character with an actual personality like Freddy, like Chucky, like Pinhead.

— CorderyFX, “Malignant – Proof Original Horror is DEAD

It’s that time of year again, where I have overexpressed my love for all things #Horror! I just got back from the past weekend being down in L.A., and celebrated Halloween down there… it’s gonna be an ongoing tradition. Unfortunately, with Clint‘s recent passing, it’s been difficult knowing I won’t be attending his amazing Halloween parties anymore… but, in his honor, I will always be celebrating Halloween where and whenever I am. This year, along with Bo & April, we had celebrated Halloween with a party at Donavyn’s spot. Guess who Nicci is dressed as in the opening of that video? I can say I had attempted to recreate a Kubrick scene! We had also swung by the exterior house of where Michael Myer’s had grown up, as portrayed in the infamous “Halloween” flicks.

And, on Halloween day, we went over to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. Along with Jasper (dressed as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), we experienced seven horror mazes, and ate ribs at Leatherface’s Texas BBQ spot (and tried Coke w/ coffee, it’s nothing to burp about). I may not like roller coasters because of the heights, but I get a thrill out of being scared. It’s almost cathartic for me to do so. It’s also why I own creepy dolls. Some day, I will make a video explaining the psychology of “Why?”. Hint: I don’t believe in the supernatural.

The best maze out of the seven was prob The Exorcist. It was the most intense, and recreates the scenes from the film, as if we’re there in the bedroom where the exorcism was performed. The Halloween 4 maze was pretty cool too, where arriving at the end of the maze, there were at least about six Michael Myer’s standing alongside my path. They all looked like statues, but I said fuck it, and just ran as fast as I can past them. They were all good with their timing, and made me jump a bunch of times with their stabbing motions. Like I said, I get a kick out of this stuff. But, the best one that got me good was when going through The Walking Dead maze, there was a zombie in a cage attempting to reach me. I just thought I was safe, with my camera shooting footage of him attempting to grab me. But… another zombie fella snuck up behind me, growled a growl, and briefly grabbed me (nothing harmful, it was a good, fun scare!) that made me do a jumping dance that would make any zombie looking for a victim proud.

We also attended the Icons of Darkness exhibit on Hollywood Boulevard that showed off a lot of real props from actual famous movies. There were a lot of great horror icons, including the famous werewolves, and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller werewolf! The usual suspects like xenomorphs, dinosaurs, and Pinhead, were also present. There were a few spots during the tour, the guide used a remote to get some of the icons to jump at us. It isn’t as cheap as it sounds. Some of the jump scares at this tour were loud and unexpected, where they were sometimes scarier than what we experienced at Halloween Horror Nights. Anyways, you can see a video vlog I put together on YouTube of both events below. Please Like & subscribe!

For most of October, I had watched a whole bunch of horror — Halloween Kills, Malignant a few times, Tremors, Frankenhooker, Blood Diner, some Giallo flicks, and I’m, surprisingly, enjoying the new Chucky series. I read all the Haunted Mansion novels (I do recommend them, some of the best reads in awhile), and reread Clive Barker’s Hellbound Heart novelette. I’m excited for the new Dexter season next week (I need closure to that last ending). And, I got some Evil Dead footage that we took at the Mystic Museum to edit. Prob will be my next post… think that’s all I can think of off the top of my little mushy brain… Oh, and I’m excited for the American Werewolf in London figure from NECA that I’m expecting in the mail sometimes this month… so much horror!