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It’s Happy Thxgiving… and we’re headed to Comic Con: Special Edition!

On this lovely Thursday morning, Nov 25th, 2021… we wake up to a #HappyThanksgiving, and am preparing to head out with Bo & April, and pick up Tony for Comic Con: Special Edition. The Con has been in limbo for a couple of the past Julys but they have resurrected itself for a special limited edition late this Fall part of the year. I know, it’s a bit odd to be doing this during the holiday season but I believe it’s for families who have been cooped up at home for some time.

We’re about to hit the road in a bit, and will make it in time to San Diego for our own Thanksgiving dinner at some spot we reserved in the Gaslamp. I have no big plans during the Con event, as info seems a bit sparse, but I did take notes on a few things I heard that may interests me (Funko is releasing a Lo Fu Gee figure!), and the artist for Brandon Tenold’s YouTube channel is gonna be at the Artist Alley. Unsure, prob will have him commission for something in my art book. But, I love Brandon Tenold’s commentary/reviews on cultish & exploitation flicks. I wouldn’t be complete in Life if I didn’t watch every single one of his episodes.

Otherwise, I am bringing my DJI Osmo Pocket camera with me. I bought it about a year-and-a-half ago, when I was stuck up in Washington when lockdown hit, and dusted it off. I think I finally, after all these years, understand the relationship between ISO, white balance, exposure levels, and stuff. Looking back, a lot of my pics and videos were pretty terribly narcissistic and amateurish, and I blame social media for holding me back. I wanted to show off, instead of honing my skills. But, I’ve made a lot of progress… Lockdown forced me to reflect and learn what I didn’t know how to do, and I’m better for it.

Expect more posts of better quality Comic Con updates on my Instagram and YouTube. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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