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Doesn’t Fail, Six Months Since My Last Post 😜 At least, I’m consistent…

Hi… finally, back again.

Ya dee ya dee ya dee excuses dah dah (I don’t even talk like this in real life). But, sometimes, I remind myself that I got a blog, and that a small number of random people may be visiting… or some may come across my handle – rayhomdotcom – somewhere floating out there, on my social media sphere, and get lost ending up here. I’m definitely no influencer, but these days, curiosity crosses the path of the few, and I gotta make sure this site doesn’t appear dead. I still live the Life of tech, travel, and nerd culture.

I was (or, actually, still am) active on my YouTube. Some IRL setbacks that involve constant changes and adaptations had halted my online activity for the past few months. I still, on occasion, post a stream-of-conscious story here and there on my IG and FB.

In my last post, I was on my way to Comic Con: Special Edition. I had done a video, which you can watch here:

Comic Con is back full force this coming mid-July, and I will be there. Unfortunately, my usual traveling crew won’t be there with me, but will be meeting various folks when I get there. That includes a recent new friend I connected here in the Bay Area. His name is Wakks. The story behind that name, I am unsure, you would need to ask him. But, he’s a Mandalorian cosplayer who can build his costumes with a 3D printer and other DIY stuff. I met him when we attended our gal, Karla, had her artwork presented at the Mirus Gallery. Cool dude, and I may end up doing a vlog interview with him at the Con. Stay tuned for the updates here. You can also follow Wakks’s Con IG and also his Skkaw blog.

I recently did do a bunch of local travels to Vegas, San Diego, and Chico, and attended (a lighter version of) CES earlier this year, with my buddy, SEO extraordinaire, Paul Andre. I’ve been meaning to create vlogs of these trips, and will prob get them live by next week of this post.

I’ve gained (although, better late than never) the skill of cooking with lessons from my food connoisseur roomies – Paul (R.I.P.) & Jojo – in the past months. Seafood & good meat have been the main dishes, as I’ve been entertaining a different set of people every weekend, and, so far, have made a bunch of people tummy-filled happy. If I had only been more skilled in my younger years, I would have saved money from all the deliveries and unnecessary eating out. But, YOLO!

Otherwise, I still am employed in the tech industry, and may travel to Germany by end of year to meet my new team of the past eight months. I do miss international traveling… After decades, I am back to playing D&D (online), and DMed by my good buddy, Bo! I’ve resurrected an old fighter/mage character, which was first created in my middle school days, Morgan Ironwolf. He has a tragic background story that I may tell elsewhere some day. But, he is also a Lycan. People know I love werewolves, and I am playing one now… at least, in the world of D&D…

I spend a good amount of time with my online GTA5 crew – Andres, Mark, Max, and Mike – completing heists missions, and chilling in the metaVerse in my $5m casino penthouse (sometimes NPC Dr. Dre calls me to visit him in the studio to check out his new tracks). It’s an odd thing to say, but I will prob recut a lot of the footage into an exploitation action flick. Speaking of which…

One of my YouTube obsessions when going down the rabbit hole is looking up 60s/70s exploitation flicks. I watched a lot of double-feature Grindhouse stuff, as a kid, and I’ve gotten a bunch of unforgettable imagery stuck in my head, where I am unable to recall titles of some of the films I’ve seen. So, I’ve been combing the internet to remind me what they were… going through giant mutant animals, blaxploitation, disaster flicks, possessed girls who torment their families… and roller coasters?!!

I’m always on the hunt for a lot of uniquely bizarre and fawked-up flicks… Mondo films, HK category-3, European video nasties, and Italian Giallo movies… and now I’m catching up on pre-code Hollywood stuff, mainly on the Criterion Channel streaming. (I’m seriously bored with Netflix!)

So, yes, I still continue to live the Life of tech, travel, and nerd culture.

And, just done read this gem of a book…

Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of ‘70s and ‘80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix

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