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Keeping It Nerd Live Podcast at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Over the weekend, on Sat, April 7, during Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, I was invited to speak on a live podcast panel for Keeping It Nerd around the corner at Caffe Frascati, along with fellow guests… writer and performer, Lauren Garcia, comic book artist, Glen Canlas, and fitness trainer & cosplayer, Saul Cervantes. Hosted by Vince Mostajo and Anthony Rivera, it was a fun-filled hour chit-chat about #NerdCulture and a game round of SuperFight (“a game of absurd arguments”). I could hang with these guys forever geek-style!

This is the description post presented on the Keeping It Nerd site:

They all go into depth about what they like in the pop and geek culture, why we will always see the 80s style in modern times, and what superpowers each of the panelists have. We were also treated to a dramatic reading of everyone’s least favorite Marvel Netflix series, ‘Iron Fist.’

Click image below, and give it a listen on the Keeping It Nerd podcast on ITunes. Enjoy!

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