The 3 of Us: October Babies 2019

Three people, I am blessed and grateful, to have exist in my Life have the same bdays this month on Oct 11th: my God Daughter Verity, my GodSis Luann (not related to Verity), and my “occasional” traveling & drinking gal, Jeanne. It’s a bit difficult to talk about all three in a post, nor is this an attempt to. I’m just a pattern seeking animal, who’s compartamentalizing events and people in my Life. It’s somewhat of a lazy attempt at defining existence…

The Three of Us

Recently, three significant events have happened. Three of Us, me, Jeanne, and Lily celebrated our October bdays at Lazy Bear in the Mission. Fancy, schmancy dinner experience at $285/person. *shivers* It’s obvious by this blog, that I do things for the experience. Then another three of us, me w/ Jerry & Rosanna, ate fancy schmancy dim sum at Dragon Beaux in celebration of Rosanna’s bday. And, on Oct 20th, I went with Terrell to see Arthur Dong (that’s considered the three of us, no?) speak at the Koret Auditorium in S.F. about the release of his new book,”Hollywood Chinese“.

Latest #MEMCast

Recently, two more #MEMCast episodes have gone live on Apple Podcasts. I had chit-chatted with my buddy, Vince, from Keeping It Nerd, about our mutual Comic Con adventures on ep51. Then Anthony and I spoke with artist Glen Canlas on ep52. Check them out at the following:

>Ep 052: Keeping It M.E.MCast with Vince Mostajo
>Ep 053: Glen Canlas, Illustrator Extraordinaire

Anyways, I’m off to L.A. tomorrow, prob will end up staying down there to celebrate my 4Xth bday. One of my favorites, professional fashion consultant, Donna Fujii, sometimes advisor to me, has the same bday. And, so does Cole, who’s part of my fellow SoCal podcasting buddies, Geek Say What crew. Things do come in threes, no? Even if they don’t have any direct relation to each other. It means three’s a charm or something.

My beautiful, good buddy, Carla – cosplayer, surreal artist, and zombie for the upcoming “Terror Vault” haunted house. Go visit her for a good scare.

I have been on a mission, with many fails, to meet Robert Kirkman to sign me a copy of his The Walking Dead series. But, I have since purchased from Skybound, pre-signed by Kirkman and the author, The Walking Dead: Typhoon by Wesley Chau.

I had lunch with my buddy Eric (of Viz Media) recently, and gave him my, accidentally ordered on Amazon, extra copy of an unsigned version of the book. The goofy guy made me pose with it, and he since tweeted it. Wesley Chu has “liked” and retweeted it on Oct 15th, and now a cultish portion of the Walking Dead Twitterverse has seen my horror lovin’ mug.

What’s even more interesting is L.A. actor, Feodor Chin, narrates the audio version of the book. I don’t recall or unsure if I even met him in person, but we have mutual entertainment industry fans who have connected us on FB, and he’s always wishing me Happy BDay every year.

So, do things happen in threes? I guess they do, if you look for it. I’ll break the chain when I finally meet Robert Kirkman in person, some day.


When I visit my GodSis, the three of us: me, Eric, and Allen, on occasional nights, empty a bottle of whiskey together, and we chat it up until one or all of us pass out. Usually it’s about science, politics, who we’ve listen to on Joe Rogan, or talk about the latest superhero or scifi flicks.

This week, we somehow got into the subject of pop music and Michael Jackson (maybe because of the Leaving Neverland doc), my mind is hazing because we consumed an entire bottle of Japanese whiskey… but, it led to recalling me how hilarious this parody on In Living Colour was, so I’ve been watching on repeat.

Hustlers: This was a better flick than I expected, esp. not realizing the focus was on Constance Wu’s character as being the main protagonist. I thought it would be a heist flick, but turned out to be a sexyass dark comedy about survival and loyalty.

Rambo V: Last Blood: This big budget exploitation flick was less than 90 min, as if it’s a Rambo short film or an DLC extra after one finishes the main game. I mean I want more, more, moar!1!!!

Attended a double-feature screening of the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow, last Thurs (Oct 17) with Bo! & April, and Tony. Although, I’d tag this as #ChasingKevinSmith, there was no appearance by any of the cast. There was a super long BTS feature after the end credits. The film itself is more of the same, a bit lighter on the dick jokes, but I’m a fan, anything in the View Askew Universe is always a pleasure for me with the experience. I may attend another screening of the film in Jan, in which Jay & Kevin Smith makes an appearance. Continuing #ChasingKevinSmith.

I have since seen Joker twice. It’s going to be a debate on whether this will be my favorite film of the year, as I don’t want to be caught up in the hype. It’s definitely a great movie, which I consider to be the bookend to what I will unofficially refer to as “Scorsese’s Deniro trilogy” (Ha! See what I did there?), ’cause I’m pretty sure Joker has obvious influences from both Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. But, Scorsese has nothing to do with Joker, you say? I beg to differ… “Why did Martin Scorsese Make the Irishman and drop Joker?

I also picked up a copy of, and read, DC’s The Joker: Year of the Villain by legendary John Carpenter. It was a unique take where Joker takes up a sidekick who deals with his own mental health, while on an adventure with the famous clown.

the rest of #toomuchcontent

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