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Bo! Helps #ChasingKevinSmith

A couple of posts ago, I rambled about attending Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast show in L.A., and last week, my buddy Bo! Campbell attended the show again, with an appearance by legendary SFX artist Rick Baker. Since I couldn’t attend this time, Bo! helped brought my Comic Book Men autographed photo, which I’ve had all the members of the Comic Book Men signed except for Walt (he’s afraid to fly) and Kevin Smith. Bo! successfully got it signed by Kevin (I haven’t gotten my hands on it, at the time of this post, but am planning to make a trip back to L.A. in about a couple of weeks).

And, The biggest kicker was that Bo was selected as part of the Q&A with Kevin too! Here’s the entire show on YouTube, and you can see Bo! called up around 2:20:10:


A lot of my friends are constantly releasing all types of content, which adds to #TooMuchContent… Because I’m subscribed to my friend’s personal/professional stuff like Henry’s H2 Video production, Jason Fong’s new SmArtist Life podcast, and Astrea’s DIY Ninja, I get timely updates when new stuff is released. Give them a follow!

I have a dream goal to buy two life-size endoskeletons to place on each side of my front door of my future home. Sideshow Collectibles produces them, and they currently costs about $6k a piece. Or, I should learn to customize a DIY version, like this guy who spent 4 years hand making full scale Terminator T-800… can you tell how excited I am for Dark Fate? Also, check out the Terminator: Resistance Announcement Trailer (YouTube): This looks cheesy, and graphics aren’t revolutionary impressive. The humans in the games themselves move like endoskeletons. But, I will still prob play this because I’m a sucker for anything that adds to the extended universe for any of my favorite franchises.

Speaking of robots, Boston Dynamics have announced their programmable API… Spot! #ItBegins

The rest of #toomuchcontent

Joe Rogan Experience #1343 w/ Penn Jillette: “We have more information in an issue of the N.Y. Times than a 17th century peasant had in their lifetime.”
Joe Rogan Experience #1353 w/ Rob Zombie: “The rules of Life don’t apply to Art…”

Creepshow (2019): I’m being cautious with this show. I’ve been hungry for horror anthologies, and only seen a few forgettable, mediocre stuff on YouTube. I attempted to give Two Sentence Horror Stories on Netflix a chance, and, well, I stopped by ep03, and removed from my queue. Currently, my favorite anthology series is not necessarily horror related: HBO’s Room 104.

I recall watching the first two original Creepshow movies on VHS, and loving them, as they were vintage Stephen King, with animated sequences that were a big throwback to horror-style comics like Eerie and Creepy. So… Creepshow (2019) s01e01, which includes two anthology stories, was a decent start. The first ep “Gray Matter” reminded me of some similarity with the storyline in the first Creepshow movie where Stephen King himself was turning into a tree. I always enjoying describing it that way. But, the second ep “The House of the Head,” I really enjoyed. It involved a haunted doll house, and I’ve always had a fascination with miniatures. Cutting back & forth with tiny dolls, to imply movement of the toys, was always an effective genuine creepiness to me. This reminds me of an 80s horror anthology I grew and will always have fond memories of, “The Dark Room“, where an ex-war veteran watches the little green army men come to life before him. Seek it out, if you can! It’s the good stuff.

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