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“My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.”
– Ashleigh Brilliant, English cartoonist & author

I’m a full-time web developer, a part-time podcaster / filmmaker… and an inconsistent blogger, here on rayhom.com, of my personal experiences growing up and still living as part of the generation that made “nerd/geek culture” mainstream. I have an obsessive fascination with the (probable) Coming of the Singularity, 80s scifi/horror – namely Aliens, Terminator, Robocop, and Hellraiser – pop culture nostalgia, and love the smell of old, used books… sounds kinky, but, in context, I love reading them too.

This site, rayhom.com (sometimes I refer to it as rayhomdotcom for visually phonetic reasons), started out as a bunch of HTML web pages (learned out of a Dummies book) way back around ’97 to share a photo gallery with fellow peers, and promote my dreams as a writer. It was, and still is, a personal site to keep me connected with friends & family of my “going ons”, esp. , in this exploding social media networking age. rayhom.com has grown through various incarnations, and WordPress has been a tremendous help in easing my adaptation to technical changes of the Web (it helps to be a web developer, too).

At its most basic function, rayhom.com is a blog. At its most ambitious intentions, it is to help brand myself. In between all that, it’s a place where I’m chronicling parts of my Life, and speak to the few of you that stop by to read about it.

I attend a lot of Cons and “geek” out all things techie, science fiction, and anything involving with the technological singularity and artificial intelligence. Sometimes, late into the night (PST), you can find me gaming on my PS4 (handle: rayhom) with fellow online gamers. I grew up on a lot of intellectual/political Hiphop of the 80s/90s, and can lose myself into a lot of Freestyle Dance music of the same era. I’m not much into watching sports but I enjoy a good boxing fight. And, I love shots of whiskey on occasion, and drink a large ounces of Starbucks.

One day, I will finish a novel, and do underwater photography while scuba diving. And, I like werewolves.

Below are “Facts” about me told through #NerdCulture. I am far from anyone considered to be famous but I am blessed with a great circle of family & friends that warrants this site.

ray hom

Ray Hom at Tough Mudder

rayhomdotcom as described with #NerdTalk. [Updated Saturday, July 13, 2019]

I apologize for my overabundance of the usage of “I” and “My”. Reread that last sentence and find the irony in it. I assure you, I’m not much of a narcissist. Note that nothing is linked in the following, as I hope you get my “references”. If not, live and let live…

  • I’m on a mission to personally meet Kevin Smith. I’ve bumped into Jason Mewes outside of SDCC2013, and met almost every Comic Book Men, except for Walt (as he’s afraid to leave the NJ comic book shop to fly out to the Cons). I’ve only seen Kevin Smith on the big screen at Hall H, and the back of his head hosting on an IMDB boat.
  • My first experience meeting a celebrity signing was Clive Barker at Stonestown Borders in 1997. I get a pleasure out of quoting Pinhead from Hellraiser, and own an unworking Lemarchand’s puzzle box made of plastic.
  • My best friends think I want to be Jon Berenthal as the Punisher, but I actually wish I am Tom Hardy as everyone and everything.
  • I wish Taraji P. Henson was my girlfriend. If that never happens, I wish Danai Gurira was my girlfriend.
  • I embodied Felicia Day growing up, but in a hetero male, Chinese American kinda way.
  • I wished I had proposed to Sung Hi Lee when I met her at an Abzolut event back in 1998.
  • My fascination with miniatures come from an inspiring scene in the 1960’s Time Machine movie starring Rod Taylor, where his character shows off a miniature conceptual time machine to his investors, turns it on, only for the miniature to disappear into time. Maybe I’m compensating with an anxiety issue of where in time did it go?
  • X-Clan is the most legendary hip-hop group to me. They remain ahead of their time, and Brother J is an amazing lyricist – “Living to die and I die to live again/360 degrees. Comprehend/A man getting stronger ’til he’s man no longer/Unearthly state makes the time seem shorter”.
  • I met George R.R. Martin (writer of the Song of Ice & Fire series, and creator of Game of Thrones) twice in my life. The second time was him sitting all alone at an Avatar comics booth at SDCC2014. He looked like no one cared for his other works besides his Westeros world stuff. Nice guy, tho.
  • S-Factor’s Hard To Get is the most influential freestyle dance song to me because the lyrics “And I will live each dying day/Until you’re mine” with her melodic voice on loop in my head is the most calming in my most anxious moments. She (going by her real name, Sharyn Maceren) found my blog post of my meet with her at Stonestown Tower Records back in 1997, and reposted it on FB. We’ve had convos through messaging about me possibly directing a revival of a Hard To Get music video. Sometimes I feel like I’m ready to die happy.
    But, then… in June 2019, I met Sharyn again at Club EndUp in San Francisco where she performed a freestyle tour. We chatted like we’re old friends
  • I learned web development while visiting porn sites, and wondered “how’d they build these things?”. My favorite porn star remains to be Lily Thai. But, she hasn’t adapted well to the current Internet era like Asa Akira (who I’ve met 3x) and Amia Moretti has.
  • During WonderCon 2019, hung out with friend/actress Jackie Dallas (Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, etc.), she did a booth signing, spoke on the “Women of SciFi” panel, and then I interviewed her on my podcast. She’s a friend first, so it boggles my mind a bit that people pay her $20/autograph. She’s definitely doing something right. I walked around exhibition hall, pointing to her, and asking people,”Do you know who this is?”
  • I don’t believe Bruce Lee is a badass because he can kick Chuck Norris’s ass (cue Delta Force theme song), but because he was a student of Western Philosophy and is considered one of the most influential atheists.
  • I love horror movies, even bad ones. I’m a non-believer in the supernatural. Thus, I own an Annabelle doll who wears bunny slippers I bought on Amazon for $5.
  • The scene with the attacking giant chicken in Bert I. Gordon’s Food of the Gods, based on an H.G. Wells novel, is still the scariest thing I’ve seen, next to the Shining Twins and Regan turning her head 360 in the Exorcist.
  • I’ve read The Amityville Horror about 3x as a young child, followed by a few days of sleepless nights. The book sits on my glass-encased shelf. I dread the day that I will reread it again in the near future.
  • On a random visit to luxury bookstore Taschen in L.A., I bumped into author Steve Schapiro, who chronicled the production of Taxi Driver in a book costing me $100. I had a long, geeky chat with him as if he was the embodiment of Scorsese and Deniro, as One.
  • I’ve had an 8 year old tell me I’m a failed abortion while playing Friday the 13th: The Game online at 4AM in the morning. I couldn’t stop laughing for days.
  • I got Bruce Campbell to sign a VHS copy of Evil Dead that I bought for a buck at a local vintage store.
  • I plan to attend a New Edition concert someday, but I won’t, if Bobby Brown is not included.
  • I’m in a meditative state building a Lego set, esp. when it was the $250 Ewok Village.
  • I experience a moment of Azn Pryde when I watch Janet Jackson’s If music video with the MTV logo on YouTube.
  • When I met Guillermo del Toro at SDCC2016, and he pointed at my shirt, and asked what that was. I was wearing a shirt by famed Facebook artist millionaire, who I have also met before, David Choe (who called me and my god daughter’s parents pervs). I still think I may have made a meta connection of artists in that brief moment.
  • The only true Star Wars canon to me are the original (unaltered, non-special edition) trilogy, Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn novel series from the 90s, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo: A Star Wars Story… And, probably, Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars. That was a great read. Before video, the only way I could experience Star Wars was listening to read-along records on a Mickey Mouse turntable (no USB, you frakkin’ millennials!), when R2D2 beeps me to turn the page with the accompanying book that came with the record.
  • I’ve only seen about 15% of infamous Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike’s over 100 films. He is probably the biggest influence of what are labeled as “torture porn” flicks. He even made an appearance in the first Hostel film. I met him at a screening for his 100th film on Halloween 2017. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around. Didn’t say a word. Took a quick pic with him, and walked away. It was an intense moment.
  • Harrison Ford is immortal to me because of the first three Indiana Jones films, the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and every single Indy novel in existence.
  • My brother met Ray Harryhausen and got him to sign me a copy of one of his artbooks. It took some difficult communication, as the man was well into his 90s. “Can you sign this for Ray?” “Yes, I’m Ray.” “No, for Ray.” “Yes, I’m Ray. Glad to meet you.”
  • My vision of heaven is Stanley Kubrick opening the gates to let me into Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video.
  • I will eventually own two life-sized Sideshow Collectibles T-800 endoskeletons, based on the designs of the first Terminator film.
  • When I’m old and unable to physically do anything, I will binge watch Three’s Company until lights out.
  • On July 12, 2019, SDCC Blog featured me as “Attendee of the Week“.

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