about ray hom

I’m a full-time web developer, a part-time filmmaker, and blogger of my personal experiences growing up and still living as part of the generation that made “nerd/geek culture” mainstream. I have an obsessive fascination with the (probable) Coming of the Singularity, Game of Thrones, and books.

This site, rayhom.com (sometimes I refer to it as rayhomdotcom for visually phonetic reasons), started out as a bunch of HTML web pages way back around ’97 to share a pics gallery, and promote my dreams as a writer. It was, and still is, a personal site to keep me connected with friends & family of my “going ons”, esp. in this exploding social networking age. rayhom.com has grown through various incarnations, and WordPress has been a tremendous help in easing my adaptation to technical changes of the Web (it helps to be a web developer, too).

At its most basic function, rayhom.com is a blog. At its most ambitious intentions, it is to help brand myself as a writer & filmmaker. In between all that, it’s a place where I’m chronicling parts of my Life, and speak to the few of you that stop by to read about it.

I attend a lot of Cons and “geek” out all things techie, science fiction, and anything involving with the technological singularity and artificial intelligence. Sometimes, late into the night (PST), you can find me gaming on my PS4 streaming live online at Twitch. I grew up on a lot of intellectual/political Hiphop of the 80s/90s, and can lose myself into Freestyle Dance music. I’m not much into watching sports but I enjoy a good boxing fight. And, I love shots of whiskey on occasion.

I’m on a mission to personally meet Kevin Smith, and hopefully marry Sung Hi Lee some day.

One day, I will finish a novel.

Below are a few other places to find “facts” about me. I am far from anyone considered to be famous but I am blessed with a great circle of family & friends that warrants this blog. =)

ray hom

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