Back on a Filmmakers Panel for the San Jose Big Wow! ComicFest

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Again, I spoke on a filmmakers panel at the San Jose Big Wow! ComicFest hosted by Horror Hostess Miss Misery on May 18, 2013. The first time was a couple years back, but this event got bigger, didn’t expect a big turn out as you see in the pic above. Along with my co-producer/writer/director, Bo! Campbell, we were there representing our Mind.Erase.Media speaking on writing & directing films.

ComicFest moved our panel to 4pm, worrying us that no one will show up. Opposite was true! We got a full house with people sitting on the floor. Can you folks spot the ape in the back? Other filmmaker guests were Mac Beauvais, Chrissy Lynn Kyle, John Gillette, and Dylan D Walsh.

Jeff Lunzaga, a.k.a Desciple, of Torrid Productions was there to help showcase our film reels, which you see below.




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