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David Choe at Upper Playground

I told myself recently that one day it will be awesome to meet David Choe… I didn’t realize it would be this soon! Today, he made a signing appearance at Upper Playground – and it was amazingly surreal. I bought his new large-sized, hardbound book, and a couple of shirts – women holding guns and looking sexy kinda styles, the David Choe style. He signed the book, and my copy of Asa’s “Insatiable,” which he did the cover for.

Artist, Facebook multi-millionaire, HBO’s Vice co-host, and porn podcaster along with Asa Akira, my life is one-step closer to being complete!

I was with Rosanna and Jerry, and he asked how we knew about him and Asa’s work, and explained how we had met her. Then he christened us by calling us “The Pervert Pack”. I need to trademark that.

And, no, I have no clue whydafawk he had a fish net over his face… the fact that no one really questioned that part makes him a genius beyond something I will never comprehend.

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