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I cherish the fantasy, even the hope, of adventures in other realms to come.
– Gerry Spence

Today… I had viewed a movie that I had totally deplored. As a vacation treat to myself, I figured I go check out the new documentary entitled “What the #$*! Do We Know?!” Having read the description of the film, I’d had the impression that this film would feature scientists and philosophers explaining what we know of life and the universe we live in through quantum physics and philosophical thought. Boy, was I duped. After I had left the theater, I felt I had just walked out of a self-help seminar on film. I don’t know how many times the “experts” regurgitated the words “If you think positively, life would be good for you,” over and over and over for over a hour-and-a-half. Although the film was unrated, judging by the structure of the title, and the glorifying of minor sex sequences and espousing of adult lingo, it thought it was aiming at a hip, contemporary audience. But as I had experienced it, I’m assuming this film was made by a bunch of anti-social, pseudo-wannabe-intellectual geeks who haven’t been out into the real world lately. And that they made this film to justify and argue for their own “higher” existence as belonging to the “real” world. An example from the film goes like this (I’m paraphrasing): An older woman, some freakozoid msytic named Ramtha, I believe, says,”When men get their hardons, they think it’s all external. What they must understand, that they can make that hardon from internal visualization. Now that’s powerful thinking.” I don’t know about you other guys, but I discovered this hidden power in my teens. I don’t think human ignorance will have anything to fear from these filmmakers in establishing the next intellectual kindgom. I wonder if I think positive, will I get my $7.75 back?

Over the last Labor Day weekend, Goorin Brothers sponsored MacAfrica’s L.A. party at the Key Club in West Hollywood. Although it was still work, it was also a much needed trip for me.I need to admit here, I get nervous flying. People know that one of my greatest fears is heights. Meaning, I can experience vertigo just looking down a long “drop”. I believe the psychological term is acrophobia. Even when I close my eyes to visualize a deep drop (like the way Rathma visualizes hardons), I can induce a sense of panic in me. So an antidote for me is usually a shot of alcohol… for my fear of heights, not for my hardon!? But on this particular trip, I had to see the sky with my own eyes. I don’t sit next to airplane windows but I took my first step my peeping over another passenger’s window, thrill overcame me, and saw L.A….

Anyways, after winning the battle against the demon of heights, Cindy aka SinCin and her entourage (pictured below), had arrived in a van to pick me up at LAX. Thank you, ladies. They had decided to go check out Fashion Blvd. for the day and do some shopping. It’s an interesting part of L.A. where you can find a lot things: affordable clothing, bootlegged CDs/DVDs, and live pet lizards that will die within the next few days from foreign habitation. After a couple of hours, the heat burrowed into my being, and my underwear was stuck to my private crevices… and I had lost count of the number of water bottles I drank. But, I didn’t complain. I wasn’t going to whine to 6 girls. Listen, fellas. If you’re out shopping with the opposite sex or sexes, and you get tired, or bored, don’t complain, don’t call to check on the girl, and don’t lag behind as if you’re a lost dog. Take the patience and time out to observe and study the art of shopping. Go off on your own and find your “shopping-self”. You’re bound to find stuff that you need for yourself. Trust me, you will dress better, smell better, maybe even eat better. (And you’re bound to bump into other girls that are shopping to keep you from being visually bored. But keep this one a secret though. You don’t want to disrespect present company.) Don’t fight me on this. I’ve got 6 girls here who can back me up. And, I can find plenty more if you ask me to.

Then evening had come for us to meet up with Ben Goorin and fellow co-workers to prepare the Key Club for MackieAckie’s party. With tape in hand (of various sizes, according to SinCin), we climbed ladders, pounced on walls, and entered toilets to put up our official Goorin Brother banners. Then we flung and placed our various hats throughout the club as if they were easter eggs ready to be found. (By nights end, I don’t think a single hat was left without a home on a head. Ironic, being a lot the patrons, we had witnessed, were arguing their high importance for not having to pay the entrance fee. Yet, they wouldn’t mind a free hat.)

The party itself wasn’t much different of an experience from any other clubs. I don’t mean this as a criticism but an observation of a subculture, there were probably more silicon and image concious folks here than I have seen in San Francisco. Very diverse, the crowd was, as I saw, people trying to look “different” from the next person. Otherwise, once inside the club, it’s the usual boom of the music, booty shaking, mingling, and alcohol.Anyways, we’ve arrived to the story that SinCin wants me to tell. Take a close look at the picture to your right. What do you think is going on? That is me drunk, of course. And that’s Cindy’s arm and hand holding a tissue to my nose. Is she helping me blow my boogers? Or am I crying because life is so beautiful? Or do I just like getting high by sniffing on tissue paper? No. I had gotten a bloody nose. What happened was I had stuffed a live baby lizard I bought at Fashion Blvd. through my left ear, hoping it would crawl straight through out of my right ear. Instead, it took a detour, and crawled out my left nostril and… man, you folks would believe anything. No, I didn’t have bloody nose. Hehehe… no, I didn’t have a baby lizard, I mean. But, I guess because of the hot weather, and the the alcohol, caused me to dehydrate. Therefore, my bloody nose. Yes, it probably was a goofy sight from onlookers with Cindy holding my nose in the middle of an L.A. club, but I do thank her for caring enough. =) But, she would no doubt probably enjoy telling this story to you in person, with hand gestures, sound effects, and everything!

Hey, if Jeff Goldblum wears our stuff, why don’t you? Visit us at Goorin.com.

Well, a week after L.A., back in San Francisco, a bunch of us guys took out Bieu for his final foray into bachelor hood. Originally, it was gonna be just dinner… but, if you put Dave in the mix, there’s gonna be a request for strippers. I don’t have pictures to work with here, sorry. Without glorifying any details, it’s best I leave the night as experienced by the guys. It was just an interesting night of male hormonal disorder at downtown Crazy Horse. The majority of the group were married, yet, they comprised the majority who bought lap dances. No judgment here, but it’s just another great study in anthropology. Anyways, Bieu’s marrying Cathy this weekend, so, no more single life for him. Heheheheheh… No doubt, he made the right choice. Hi Cathy!

Speaking of marriage… Only less than two more months, and my lil’ godsis’ Luann, is getting married to Allen. *sniff* Everyone is growing up fast!? I remember when Luann was just a little girl… wait a minute, she is still a little girl. =P Hehheheheh… Well, another entry ends for now.

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